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Our videographer missed one of the speeches.  It was a mistake, he thought he was recording but he wasn't.

I'm bothered by it, but there is really nothing we can do.  I'm also annoyed that he didn't say anything about the missing speech until I asked about it.

He apologized, and even though he is not saying that it was to cover for his mistake, our contract called for a 30 minute feature and he's provided almost 90 minutes as a feature, he felt it was all too good to edit further.  He's offered to incorporate video if any guests had a video of the speech, but nobody took their own video.

DH is really, really upset about the missing speech, and I know he wants to do something about it.  I figured we wouldn't give the extra tip we had planned on giving upon receipt of the full video.

What would you do?


  • Mistakes happen and he can't go back in time and catch it. He has offered ways to fix it and he even provided a longer feature then was originally asked probably as a way to make up for the missed speech. If everything else was wonderful I would give him the tip. Maybe not the full tip but definitely some of it.

    It sucks he didn't get that one speech but really how often are you going to watch this video? I would ask the speech giver to provide you with the speech, if he wrote it down, and just save it somewhere where you can re-read it if you want.

  • There isn't much you can do, it isn't like you can go back and do it over again.

    Mistakes do happen and it seems like your vendor is doing everything possible to make it right.  
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  • I'm just curious did you even want the 90 minute feature? Do you still get the 30 minute feature? Maybe it's just me but it needs to be a great movie to hold my focus for 90 minutes. I can see my fiance and I watching a 30 minute highlight feature every year on our anniversary or something but I can't see us watching 90 minutes like ever really... I think my FSIL's was 60 minutes and it was so boring we kept fast-forwarding through parts.

    I'm not sure there's much you can do though in terms of him missing the speech. It happens, he's a human too and we all make mistakes. If it were me I'd be upset about changing the feature length. For us we're going with a 30 minute feature highlight and then all of the raw footage edited. Maybe you could negotiate to get both your 30 minute feature and 90 minute feature. 
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