October 2016 Weddings

Where are you at in planning??

Even though we're well over a year away at this point, what details (venue, date, vendors) have you hashed out already? 

Re: Where are you at in planning??

  • We already have a venue booked. My mom wanted to start dress shopping immediately so I already have a dress. We've already interviewed a few photographers. It seems like we are pretty far along in the planning process even though we have a long way to go.
  • We got engaged on New Years 2015 and had an engagement party this past April so my FI's out-of-town parents could meet my family.

    We've secured our church for the ceremony and have interviewed a golf course for our reception and catering.

    We won't be doing much else until the one-year mark.
  • We have venue (although coordinator is dragging her feet finalizing details and that's starting to tick me off), officiant (my brother, first thing we had taken care of!), and photographer. My FMIL wants to go dress shopping NOW but I think I will wait until October/November this year. 

    I feel like our planning is really far along because the venue needs so little decoration and the landscaping already has flowers, gardens, ponds, and beautiful stone outside. The inside of the building is a rich, beautiful golden wood with a distillery above the dance floor. The whole location speaks for itself so it's hard to remember that, "hey, slacker, there's still a TON to plan!" October 14, 2016 can't get here fast enough, though :-)
  • Hello :) this is my first post on any of The Knot forums!

    I hit the ground running; brides in the NY/NJ tristate area are very...antsy, myself included. I have the venue, DJ, and transporation. Interviewing a photographer this week, after weeding through 10 or so. The church is booked for the ceremony, and we're meeting with Monsignor this week, to get the ball rolling on the Catholic sacrament end. Still need to out an engagement announcement for the newspaper together! Am I insane? Haha.
  • Oh where have you ladies been!? People think I'm crazy! I have nothing finalized since my venue won't book earlier then a year in advance, but I managed to find a place that specializes in small weddings and handles just about everything. Mini reception,flowers, photography, ect, my FH wants a Pagan ceremony/handwriting so he's asking a friend to offciate. I have my dress, and ideas for the rest.
  • I literally just booked our venue about an hour ago. Since my venue takes care of pretty much everything, I don't have much left to do beyond getting a photographer, a DJ, an officiant and then flowers for bouquets/boutonnieres (they provide centerpiece options). I went and looked at dresses with my mom a few weeks ago, but I didn't buy anything. She keeps dropping some hints that it would mean a lot to her and my grandmother to make my dress, so I may just ask them if that's something they're interested in.

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  • So I met someone at work today who is also getting married in October..at the same venue we want, different day ( so he was allowed to live) but he was told that the venue is basically booked already!! That's Not what they told me...but I 'm not looking for a weekend date, so I'm hopng thats what he meant.
  • 19 more days until the big day! We are finalizing details and making the final payments. We basically did a lot of things in advance because we want to just sit and relax 2 weeks before the wedding! Good luck to everyone!
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  • This is my first post on these boards too!

    We have our venue, photographer, videographer, and DJ booked already.  Our ceremony is going to be at the same place as the reception so that's all taken care of.  We most likely have our officiant.  We have a meeting with one florist next Wednesday and a meeting with a day of coordinator towards the end of August.  I've looked into makeup and hair services but haven't met with anyone yet because I want to wait until I have my dress for that stuff.  I plan on starting to look for my dress in September or October.  We're also hoping to get engagement pictures done in the fall so we can use them for our save the dates.

    I know I'm moving really fast but I'm such a planner and would rather have everything done months before the wedding than to be running around crazy in the last few months.  Plus, the earlier you book, the better chance you have of the vendors you really want still having your date open!
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    Our date is 10/01/16. We got engaged at the beginning of May and I bought my dress that week. We have our venue booked, which will be our ceremony and reception site. It's an inn also so we'll be staying there too. We just booked our photogapher last week. I'm a baker so I'll be baking my cake and having a friend decorate so that's not an issue. A family friend, who's a lawyer and captain will most likely be officiating as well. I have lot of other decisions made but it's things I have to wait to do until the date gets closer.
  • We have our ceremony and venue booked and catering.
    We have engagement pictures booked.
    Going dress shopping and cake tasting next month.
    Trying to knock everything out early.
    Designing save the dates and invitation suite now too
  • Our date is 10/9/16
    Got engaged August 2nd
  • October is a hot month now. He was probably talking about Friday's and Saturday that's what most people chose. We are doing sunday those don't get booked much
  • First post on this board. :) We have a venue booked for 10/22/16. It is run by a catering company so that and a coordinator are built in. It is in a vacation community and the rental group has given us a link to put on our website so our guests can get special pricing. We will be sending out StD in a month or so. I plan on buying some stationary from Michaels and printing at home. I have some ideas for centerpieces and such but I am not going to touch that project for another 6 months at least. My FI has an old friend he hasnt talked to in years he wants to do the photography, lol. I am giving him until the end of October before I start looking elsewhere. I want to book that before the end of the year, before prices go up.
  • I'm getting married Oct. 9th 2016 also!! All I have is a venue but Im pretty sure the theme is going to be fall/pumpkins! I found the cutest centerpieces that are pumpkins as a vase with flowers!! :D can't wait to really start planning!
  • Booked 10/29/16 date and venue.  So far, that is all that we've arranged.
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  • Venue for ceremony reception booked! STDs are done, I have my dress shoes and Jewelry, Photographer and DJ are booked. I have some of what I need for centerpieces. Have table bells, cake cutter toasting flutes. Im using paper flowers they have been ordered, Got his tie (waiting on the names for the wedding party from him to get the others) I have a bunch of little things done, and a few big things 10/13/16.
  • My date is October 29th 2016. Got engaged August 23rd. Looked at my first venue yesterday and have two more next week. Hopefully making a final choice by Friday.
  • October 15, 2016 here! On our 6 year anniversary (dating)
    We were engaged November 27, 2015 on Thanksgiving.
    In January we booked our venue, which also does our catering & decor. I've also booked a friend to do makeup, signed up for a registry, reached out to hotels about booking rooms, and reached out to some DJs/Photographers, but none of them are booked.
    I plan to start dress shopping at the beginning of the year.
    I feel like I'm slacking!
  • I bought my dress this week!
  • First post ever. Date will be Oct 8 2016 (3 years from the day we met) Just got engaged on Oct 17. 
    Don't have much done yet. I will have a venue by next week, but my mom and most family are on the east coast, and Im in CO so will be doing a LOT next month. 

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  • Update:
    Dress has been purchased and photographer booked!
    Stressing about creating my menu though... it's getting so expensive!
  • Hi! Do you mina sharing how your meeting with Montsignor was? I also have a meeting with him soon! Kinda nervous about I don't know why.
  • My first post ever here! I feel like I'm so late.
    Our date is 10/14/2016. So far we have or venue booked and I bought my dress last weekend.
  • This is my first post. I feel like I'm so late! So far I've booked the venue and got my dress last week!
  • We've booked our venue for 10/29/16 and have put a deposit on the wedding cake.  We've also signed a contract for discounted hotel rooms, booked some rooms, (including a suite), for the wedding weekend and a shuttle bus to transport guests.  We're reviewing DJ's and Photographers and Videographers now.  Might make a first trip out for dress shopping soon.
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    Our date is Oct 1. Just a small wedding of immediate family in our home (probably 15 people) and dinner at a private venue. I have my dress already and booked a cake baker (our neighbour, so lucky!). Still need to book our officiant, but it's $400 so next payday lol. Have some invites picked out. Looking for a hairstyle now. Also, put down a deposit on a boudoir photo shoot.
  • We have the venue, dj, and photographer all picked. We interviewed a couple JP's but haven't met the right one yet. We also just ordered save the dates (there was an awesome sale and we couldn't pass it up). I'm going dress shopping next Sunday. I'm also in the process is looking for makeup at the moment (FYI, some people are crazyyyyy with their pricing) and tying up a few loose ends and such.
  • We have everything done, booked, set. I just bought my dress. Really all we have left is figuring out details and invitations. 
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  • 10/1/16!!! Have venue, ceremony, cake, photographer, stds out, dress is bought, ceremony music, DJ, and rooms blocked. I am extremely type A planner so I just started booking everything like crazy haha

    Still need to book lighting, finalize bridesmaids dresses, groom & groomsmen tuxes, invites and florist.
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