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To Food Trunk or Not to Food Truck

So I'm trying to stay under budget of $15k. I found they perfect venue where I'm allowed to bring in my own caterer. So far I can't find an affordable caterer that will fit into my budget. I'm thinking of doing a food truck instead of the traditional sit down/buffet dinner. 

I am planning on a semi formal wedding. What do you guys think good idea or not? 

Re: To Food Trunk or Not to Food Truck

  • Is $15K your food budget or total wedding budget? How many guests? Look into Bassett Catering, they have great packages. Also catering companies can offer a cocktail style wedding instead of complete meal which can help cut down costs. Also perhaps your favorite restaurant can cater and drop off some food. 

  • $15k is my total budget @imisslizz thank you for the recommendation this is really helpful 
  • I'm not as partial to food trucks, because, while that might be trendy for younger people, older people may not like standing and/or waiting in line for food. I would say to pick your kind of cuisine and see if one of your favorite restaurants offers catering, instead of going for a straight up catering company. With a small budget, a buffet might be best.

    For instance, I was looking into a buffet for a non-wedding event and Delaney BBQ had deals for like $30/pp, not including booze. This is pretty good, in my opinion. But, these things might be possible, if you're looking for a seated dinner, a more fancy presentation, etc.
  • Semi formal usually indicates an elegant affair, but with a nice buffet and array of dishes.  A truck is usually for a picnic style affair, or a late night bonus meal after the wedding is over.

    Buy "Zagat's" which has a listing of all the best (and even reasonably priced) restaurants in the city.  You can pick it up at Barnes and Noble.  Determine  what kind of food you want and make some calls.  The book has the restaurant's information, such as location, phone #, borough, etc.  Good luck.
  • i vote no to food trucks :)  <3
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