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Wedding party photos - ideas needed

My fiancé and I have a smaller wedding party, based of our sisters and some close friends, 4 and 4 to be exact. My only concern is the mix of heights when taking group shots. Both of my sisters are either 6' or 6'1", the other 2 girls are much shorter, maybe more like 5'5" without a heel on. My sisters are also taller than all of the groomsmen by about 3-5 inches. Now, I'm tall myself, so I don't care that they're tall and they have no issue either, I'm really just looking for good ideas for shots with such a mixed group. I have told my photographer, but I still want to bring some ideas to the table just in case. 

Any ideas?? It would be a huge help!! Thanks!

Re: Wedding party photos - ideas needed

  • Honestly?

    This is something I wouldn't concern myself with.

    Your wedding party members aren't models. Trying to arrange them by something they have no control over for photos suggests that you don't value them just for being there for you.
  • You have to get a new wedding party. Those people are going to RUIN your wedding pics with their height differences. RUIN, I tell you!
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • don't worry about their heights.  When you look at your wedding pictures you will be seeing people as they really are, and that is how it should be.  Don't worry about staging them due to how tall they are.  And, honestly, you will be surprised at how little you pull your pictures out over the years when it comes to the bridal party pictures.
  • Don't worry about this.  Trust your photographer.

  • Height isn't a big deal for pictures, photographers can handle this. I was in a wedding where the bride was almost 6' and at 5'2" I was the tallest bridesmaid. The pictures came out totally fine.

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  • This is not something to worry about. At all. 
  • Phew, I'm SO glad they have "no issue" with their own height for your photos! Why do brides think this is such a huge deal? I can't wrap my head around it... 
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