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Day of question

So I was wondering if any of you had an early ceremony. Our ceremony is at 11:30am. We are starting at the salon for hair and makeup at 7:00am. I'm a little nervous about the timing. Did any of you have a similar wedding day? How did everything work out for you?
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Re: Day of question

  • My wedding was at 10:00am and we started at 6am, and I was 45 mins late!  3 bridesmaids!  Thats it!  If I were you I would go earlier AND ask if they will come to you....much less stress AND I WAS STILL LATE LOL
  • Wow, I am kind of worried about this. I wonder if the stylist will come to my house? She owns a salon and since my wedding is on a Sunday, they are closed. That might work out better. If you do have to travel, i would make the appointment earlier.
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    I am having a noon wedding with photos before (starting at 9). I am doing my own hair and makeup, starting at 6am. I'm worried about the timeline too. Hopefully it won't be too stressful.
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