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Shipping wedding dress to Vegas?

Hello everyone! I know many brides bring their dresses on the plane with them, but what about shipping it to Vegas prior? I am looking into Classic Wedding Wear and Creative Bridal wear - both places allow you to ship your dress to them, and they will steam it and drop it off at the hotel for you. I really like this option, as I don't want the hassle of traveling with a big dress. However, I am nervous about shipping my dress from NY in case something happens to it en route. Any thoughts/opinions/experiences are much appreciated!

Re: Shipping wedding dress to Vegas?

  • I was too nervous to let anyone else handle my dress. I used Creative Bridal and they did a great job. I think it is a personal preference and how anxious you will be. 
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    I'm overnight shipping mine directly to a FedEx location. It will arrive the same day I get to Vegas. I will have insurance and I will pick up from the center. Originally I was going to ship it to my wedding coordinator but there is so much going on at Caesars, I didn't want the risk of it being lost or misplaced.
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  • @hmgiffor I'm glad to hear you were pleased with Creative Bridal, definitely helps my decision! 

    @caesarsbride15 I hear you, I am getting married at Caesar's also and agree there is a lot going on there!

    Thank you ladies! I really appreciate your input. 
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    Ship it with lots of insurance and make sure the scheduled arrival date is at least 2 days before your wedding. There are always delays in shipping, especially coming out of Colorado.
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    I'm using Fit For A Bride. Debi and I coordinated the best time to ship, etc. The second my dress got there, she notified me. I used FedEx Express with insurance. It was nerve wrecking but at least I know it's there waiting for me!
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  • My sister put her dress in the hold of a British airways plans to Mauritius for her wedding from the UK. I still don't understand how she didn't have a break down doing that! It turned out ok dress made it to Mauritius. She has some serious balls and can't understand why I'm having a break down about what to do with mine :) FYI it's going nowhere near the hold!! ;)
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  • @xoeden That's good advice, thanks!

    @trm358 That's great it worked out! I actually reached out to Fit for a Bride and she told me she no longer does dress steaming - she was going to be my first choice based on reviews I've read here.

    @lauradean89 Wow I would never be able to so that either, I'd be super nervous the whole time!
  • My wife had to make this decision.  For her, it came down to two primary factors; price and stress.  Fortunately, in our case, the cost to ship and insure the dress would have cost more than an extra seat on Southwest so we just did that and the dress had its own seat rather than worrying about stuffing it in the overhead.  Air shipping with insurance can get expensive really fast, and it has the stress of not knowing where the dress is or how it's being treated.  Ground is a lot cheaper, but that's far more stressful with more opportunity for something bad to happen.  If the extra seat had been prohibitively expensive we'd probably have just stuffed it in the overhead.

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