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QOTD 5/26

Best deal on a wedding related item.

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    Kleinfeld's gave me a free veil, so that was great, especially since i only wore it for 5 minutes.

    but, my favorite were the chocolate covered bride and groom brownie pops.  we went straight to the vendor, so they were less than the price quoted on (where i first saw them), and because we ordered so many, they gave us a 15% discount. 

    and everyone is saying that they were the best brownies anyone has ever tasted... bonus!

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  • The deal we got on our pictures came as a shock to me.  Our chapel package included 20 4x6s, 4 5x7s and 1 8x10.  We'd heard that the rights and CD were over $1000 itself, so DH and I were resigned to having only those 25 pictures.

    Lo and behold, when we went to the studio two days after the wedding, we walked out with all the 4x6s (just over 90 of them), 10 5x7s, the 8x10 and they sent us a 20x30.  And we got the CD with the rights - all for just over $1000.  I'm not sure if it was because we were locals and this was some sort of hidden special, but I didn't care.
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