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My husband's big wedding surprise!

So I knew my husband could dance- in college he started a hip hop group and would learn the dances from music videos (Usher, Chris Brown, JT, etc.), teach them to his group, and perform.  But having just started his medical residency and working crazy hours during his internship, I really didn't think anything would happen at the wedding-- was I wrong!!  Somehow, he found the time to come up with this:  Here is another view:

Apparently, he had been putting the whole thing together for over a year-- every time I went home to do wedding stuff (we live about 4 hours away from where we actually got married), he would hold practices-- even renting out a dance studio the weekend before our wedding to perfect it all! He is the most amazing man and I am so lucky he's mine :)

Also-- please share with friends/family- my bridesmaids had the brilliant idea of sending this to Ellen so we're trying to surprise the guys by getting them on the show!

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