Don't get this wedding coordinator /just rude

I attended an event at Aquaturf and we where waiting to get a group photo done on the stairs. The manager or someone named Lynn or Linda (had short brown hair, would not let us close the door to the other ballroom for even 5 seconds while the photo was being taken. Then she posted a waitress at the door to boot you could tell it was a test of wills between her and us made no sense. We had a about 50 people in the photo and we where loud so it was so rude to the other party. They should fire her. I tried to put it on wedding wire but since it wasn't my wedding I couldn't. I'm not getting married for a while yet but it will not be there.

Re: Don't get this wedding coordinator /just rude

  • This rubs me the wrong way and I sorta feel like there's more to this story that you aren't sharing.  Where was this big group trying to pose?  Were you in the way?  Did they maybe need the door open because staff was trying to get in and out?  Staff trying to work to service the other party efficiently is more important than your group photo, sorry.

    And no, you shouldn't be permitted to post a review on Wedding Wire just because a staff member of a venue you personally didn't hire or do business with wouldn't permit you to do something you wanted to do.
  • This seems suspicious.   The Aquaturf is a wedding factory.   They wouldn't be in business if they didn't know how to treat their people.

    And if there's an issue, rather than complain about it, why not go get someone else who CAN help?
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    Seems fishy that you would join TK to post a petty gripe about a banquet manager at someone else's wedding. 

  • I'm sorry I AM getting married in a few years and my daughter and her boyfriends just announced she is planning on getting engaged soon, so no I didn't join the Knot to gripe about it. It was extremely upsetting  the way we where treated. We even had a person that could open and close the door in case someone wanted to get in or out.
  • OK, but in this situation, did anyone talk to the Aquaturf management to get the full story? 

    Yes, sometimes wedding venues can be in the wrong, but I've also been to plenty of places that have rules and regulations and they need to be followed for a reason.  

    Before discounting an entire place that as a reputation as a wedding factory, I'd hope that a complaint would be addressed with them to see how they handle it.   More often than not, a business WANTS to keep its customers happy.    If you're getting married and / or if your children are, why not go there and talk to them and see WHY they have protocols in place and why they do the things that they do?    If they dismiss you or give a rude answer then you know to move on.    
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