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Shoes with Ivory and Silver Dress?

I have no idea what color shoes to wear with an ivory and silver dress. Ivory makes me want to wear gold shoes but the silver beading in the dress makes me want to wear silver shoes. Or should I do the opposite and wear a color that does not appear in the dress? I was thinking about wearing red shoes since my bridesmaids are wearing red dresses. Any ideas?image

Re: Shoes with Ivory and Silver Dress?

  • I think silver would look great, but I'm also a huge fan of colored shoes, so I say do the red, but you really can't go wrong with any of your ideas.

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  • Red shoes would be adorable, but I'd probably go for silver to match the belt (and for me, at least, I'd get more re-wears out of silver than red). They won't show much under your gown, so don't stress over matching as much as finding something comfortable that you like.
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  • I LOVE the red shoes idea! I think it's modern and fun! Also, think of all the cute pictures you could get.
  • red or silver, you can't go wrong. But my advice is, get a pair of shoes that you will actually wear again. My biggest regret was shelling out money on "bridal" shoes that I'll never wear again. I would love to have had shoes that I could have worn again beause every time I would wear them it would remind me of my wedding.
  • I wore purple shoes :) Go for the red!  Silver would be my second choice, so either way cannot go wrong.

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