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Under the gazebo or in a restaurant?

I need some opinions.  I'm getting married in the evening on a beach.  I'm trying to decide if I want to have dinner catered under the gazebo next to the beach during sunset or go to a restaurant after the ceremony.  The cost is about the same for both.  I will be having about 25 guests.  The gazebo is huge and there's bathrooms right next to it.  What would you girls appreciate attending more?  A nice restaurant after the ceremony?  Or dinner under a gazebo on a private beach?

Re: Under the gazebo or in a restaurant?

  • When are you getting married?  Time of day and what is the average temperature/humidity level?  What is your back up plan if it rains?

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  • Why the loud noises comment?  I've thought everything through very well, just want ideas as to what people in general would prefer.  Restaurant or catered in seclusion.  Wedding is in March(before the rainy season), temps: mid 70's, A gazebo is acceptable if it rains.  Obviously if there's a hurricane I'll have to reconsider but in March that is not likely.  
  • The loud noises gif is in my signature.  It shows up in every post I make.  It is not directed at you.

    It is good you thought of everything but it is hard to give you my opinion on where you should serve dinner without some information, hence why I asked what I did.

    Does the gazebo have sides that can be pulled down if it is windy when it rains?  Because if it is windy and rainy then no an open gazebo is not acceptable.

    If it is decent weather (70s, sunny/cloudy) then do dinner in the gazebo.  But if there is a thunderstorm or really bad rain then I suggest having dinner inside.  Especially if where the bathrooms are involves people having to walk through the rain.

    Sounds like you need to have two plans in place and make a determination the day before or day of. 

  • OP, the "loud noises" gif (and my mother theresa gif) are part of our signatures. They're not directed at you - they show up every single time we post.

    Anyway, I would prefer outside if it's mid-70s with no humidity, not windy (gross to sand in my food), and it's not buggy. With space in the restaurant as your plan B. Ask the restaurant if you can make this call the day of without incurring extra costs.

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  • Is it mid-70s as the high for the day (meaning it'll get cooler as the evening goes on) or is it mid-70s typically in the evening? If the high for the day is only going to be in the mid-70s, eating dinner on a private beach in the evening will probably be a little chilly as the sun goes down. I would prefer eating outside, rather than in a restaurant, but not if I'm going to be cold all night. If it's a destination wedding in a tropical location where the evenings are still warm, then go with outside (as long as it's not windy/rainy/super humid). 
  • Okay, thanks for the inquiries.  Sorry, I'm new to the knot and I thought the gif was directed at me.  I was like, "woah, where'd that come from!"  lol.  Average temps in March are a high of 80 and a low of 60.  So as long as it's not brutally windy or raining, weather is not an issue.  And then, I would be moving on to a plan B.  It will be a sunset dinner so it will probably be in the sixties.  Bugs are not typically an issue at this beach as there is little vegetation near the gazebo.  
  • Do you have access to heaters? Because the sixties in the evening can feel rather chilly so having some of those portable heaters on standby would be helpful.

  • Do you have access to heaters? Because the sixties in the evening can feel rather chilly so having some of those portable heaters on standby would be helpful.
    Ditto this.
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