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What are you working on right now and still have left to do?

Just curious to see where everyone else is in the process, now that we are almost to the 3 month mark!  Things are pretty much falling into place, but we still have a good amount left to get done.

Right now I'm working on trying to figure out transportation.  We plan to rent school buses to shuttle our guests between the hotel and the venue, and they are a LOT more expensive than I thought they'd be! It's one of my least favorite tasks we've tackled throughout the planning and I just want someone to show up and do it for me :)

Next up on my list is a tiny bit of DIY (adding some gold spray paint to some clear glass votives), then starting to put together and address the invites.  Still lots of little details to wrap up on the decor end.  We aren't doing a lot of it but our venue is basically a blank space so we've had to bring everything in including all rentals.  

Logistically we are mostly good, but trying to figure out where to do our first look and figure out the timing of it.  Any tips or experiences from any of you ladies?  Can't decide whether to just do it at the venue like an hour before the ceremony to keep transportation simple, or pick a cooler spot for photos but add a little more travel time to the mix.  I've been leaning towards keeping all things as simple as possible lately so I think I'm gonna push for the former!

So, what are you all working on now?  Do you have a ton left to do?

Re: What are you working on right now and still have left to do?

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    Right now I'm trying to find my hair and makeup artists. I thought this would be an easy task but I've been really frustrated lately. I found a makeup artist I like but the hair place she recommends hasn't gotten back to me with multiple emails and calls... That makes me not have a lot of faith in them and kind of makes me loose faith in the makeup artist I found since she recommended someone who ignores people trying to book their services... It's not like the hair stylist is just on vacation unless she took a month off since I've been trying to contact her for a month!

    I didn't think we had a lot left to do since we got engaged a year ago and I kind of jumped on the ball right away and had most vendors booked  and my dress ordered before January. But that false sense of completion has caused me to kind of stall out and now I'm realizing I still have a lot left since I made a list last night. I have a lot of DIYs to finish (centerpieces, escort cards, paper flower bouquets, chalkboard program, etc...) Luckily it sounds like my mom and aunt have decided to visit end of August to help me wrap some of those up!

    Wedding day transport is still on my list of to-dos, I've been dreading it and hoping it will get done for me too haha. Maybe that needs to go in the list of my fiance's tasks, he's actually been telling me he doesn't have enough to do and wants to help. 

    We aren't doing a first look partly because we want the first time for him to see me that day to be walking down the aisle and partly because we only have a short time at the venue before the ceremony starts. If you are looking to do it somewhere else check with your photographer and see if there's an extra charge for a different site, ours had a small charge (pretty much to cover gas mileage) but it's something to consider. Also in terms of travel time I'm a bit of a worrier so I'm planning in a lot of extra time for travel, I'd hate to have to start late because I got stuck in traffic. I think you're right and keeping it simple is better. :) 
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    At the moment, we're waiting on invites to come in, then we'll start assembling and addressing them. We just figured out floral arrangements! Slowly assembling parts of centerpieces (painting wood frames, figuring out what to do with out hurricane globes and LED candles to make them look less "fake"). I have my hair trial and my dress fitting in August. Next, we need to work on our favors... cookbooks of our favorite original recipes. OH and we just also booked our honeymoon to San Diego! :)
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    Let's see, I've been working on bits and pieces of things recently:
    -Rough draft of ceremony script
    -Lining up our two readers (though still figuring out what will be read)
    -Booking transportation from the reception to the hotel. I have quotes and just need to make a decision at this point.
    -Scheduled a day next week to get flower girl dresses picked out
    -Scheduling a day sometime this month for all the guys to get fitted for their suits
    -First alterations appointment is later this month as well

    Next month we're having our invitations printed by a family friend, and I need to figure out if I'm going to order pre-addressed envelopes from Minted or address them myself. I also need to start making some decisions on ceremony and spotlight dance music. 

    A friend of mine who got married last October sent me her wedding-planning checklist that is separated out by months. It's hard to believe I'm closing in on the nitty gritty, end-of-planning stuff!

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    My invitations are ordered

    we are ordering favors this week

    I have to find and paint a bunch of frames with chalkboard paint and write on them

    finally had the meeting with the music guy of the church, fingers crossed he likes my song to walk down the isle to.. (he was surprised i used it as a competition piece in high school, he said it looked too complicated.. wasn't sure how to take that..

    we need to shop and order wedding bands this month.... :/

    Finally picked up my dress!!! the bridal shop alterations are crazy busy, (October is a popular month in Cincy) so I am checking out a local alterations shop that is 1/2 the price and 5 minutes away rather than 30 minutes.

    I did let my FH handle the transportation and he booked it last week, he has done great helping me out!!

    so happy to have all the vendors booked, and all we are working on is the fine details....

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    96 days*****holy moly!!!

    *Order our Rings
    *Print and Cut bridal shower games
    *DIY's:Guest Board, Sand Ceremony, Table #'s, Arbor, Photobooth Strip, Chaulk Signs
    *Print invites (I got kits from Walmart for CHEAP-Print at home kind)
    *Address or print names on envelopes
    *Make programs
    *Price out booze *lol*

    -Mid August-Alterations,Caterer finalization,
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    -Right now we are in the process of looking for wedding bands (if anyone has jewelry store recommendations, I'd love to hear them - I went to Kay but I'd like to visit some other stores) 

    -We are also going to order the invitations within the next week or so, from Wedding Paper Divas.

    -By the end of this month, I have to call my gown store to check the status of my dress because it still isn't here :/

    -We also have to go to our venue and finalize our menu, since they require it 3 months before the wedding :) 

    We have other things but as of now we are working on these, then we cross one out and add another task to be done!

    109 Days left for me! 10/25/15 xo
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    I need to go in for measurements for my dress. It was a floor sample and the local store I bought from has a bad reputation about doing fittings until the day before the wedding - eek!

    I plan on going in this month and ask to be sized now rather then the month before. I don't think my size will fluctuate that much in two months, the dress has a corseted back!

    We are also working on the invites - fiance is a graphic designer and made the save the dates and now invites too! He likes keeping busy :)

    We've got most big things done and just need to keep paying for, only 82 days to go!!!!!!
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    @ashtsb - Seems like you are on top of the dress situation so hopefully you can prevent any last-minute fittings from happening!  Can you take it anywhere else to be altered?

    ZOMG, WE ARE AT 60 DAYS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After a 2 year engagement, I can't believe how quickly this has crept up on us!!  I am getting excited but anxious.  The wedding dreams/nightmares are in full effect!

    Almost done with our invites - they turned out to be a little more labor-intensive than I planned on, but I am happy with how they are turning out.  Hoping to finish them up tonight and mail them tomorrow (EEK!)  I have basically put everything else wedding-related and cleaning my apartment on hold until these suckers are done and at the post office.  I will feel SO much better.

    No breakdowns yet, which is good.  I'm actually surprised at myself for maintaining such a positive attitude when usually I become stressed and negative pretty easily.  I think it's a sign :)  It also helps to know that 2 months from today I will be lounging by a pool in the Azores with my HUSBAND on our honeymoon.  Whoa.

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    @frenchiekin I wish I could but I signed a contract :( I knew what I was getting into when I went in there though, so I just need to keep on top of them to get it done!
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    We are waiting on the last 12 changes from the calligrapher and plan to send invitations out Wednesday. We put them together Saturday and they are GORGEOUS. My mom was right when she said it would really make a difference.

    I still need to pay for the daily fees for our honeymoon, plan the rehearsal dinner (because apparently this is my job now??) and complete the rest of my 60-day wrap up for my planner. 

    I think I need to figure out things important things like what song plays when I cut the cake. I am strongly leaning towards Birthday Cake by Rihanna. Super family friendly. 

    Also still trying to decide whether or not to spend the extra $500 for a full bar or save it and just do beer/wine. 

    Dress fitting is 8/22, boudoir 9/7, bridals 9/10. 60 days left!!!
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    I am currently working on:

    Ordering groomsmen gifts w/ FI
    Scheduling my fitting
    Sending out invites
    Getting balances organized & financial planning for that

    @frenchiekin- our almost 3 year engagement has FLOWN by and I've definitely had a couple nightmares about the wedding.  makes me panicky! 

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    INVITATIONS ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!  I giddily/anxiously handed them to the post office this morning and drove away smiling but kind of nervous!  Anyone else have anxiety that they aren't going to get to their destination or the RSVPs won't make it back to you?  Trying to have faith in the USPS but they're not always exactly reliable :)

    BUT OMG, NO GOING BACK NOW!  This shit is REAL!  And now I can resume normal life now that I'm not working on them every single night after work.  Awesome FI helped me power through them last night until 12:30 am when I did a happy dance around the kitchen when the final one was stamped and sealed.

    @kasasr1024 - Wow, 3 years!  I bet you cannot wait to just get there already.  The nightmares are the worst - I am always like not dressed on time for the wedding or nothing has been set up and the guests are arriving.  EEK!  

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    Currently, I am working on finishing up my DIY centerpieces.  I just need to order in more vase filler so I can finish up the cylinder vases with candles and then I have to spray paint the wine bottles that will be filled with hydrangeas (that will come in the week of the wedding) and feathers.  Also, I am trying to figure out music for the ceremony musicians to play and trying to decide on a song for the cake cutting.  I think we have the first dance and entrance song nailed down.  We are not doing a wedding party dance since we are having a very small wedding party (plus I feel like just watching people awkwardly dance together is lame). 

    My big accomplishment for the week is getting the invites sent out!  Yay!  Now I get to obsess over my RSVPs coming in.  Also, I have a trial hair and makeup appointment this weekend.   I am getting so anxious.  58 days..eek!

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    I'm actually strangely excited to obsess over my RSVPs! And yes @frenchiekin, I'm kind of at the point where I just want it to be over.  I wish we would have done it smaller but not courthouse small like FI wanted!  Engaged Christmas 2012 and finally getting married 10/24/15! :)
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    64 days*****holy $#!*!!!

    *Clean out mason jars for shower centerpieces
    *Order our Rings
    *DIY's:Guest Board, Sand Ceremony, Arbor, Photobooth Strips, Chaulk Signs, Cake Topper, stickers for matches and favors
    *Make programs
    *Price out booze *lol* & order booze and kegs
    *Finalize and order flowers
    *Picture list for photographer

    -Mid August-Alterations,Caterer finalization, start paying $$$$ to people, send out invites
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    57 days 

    *finish DIY, Tutu's for flower girls, and a slideshow of pictures (so many pictures to scan!!), and paint my Letter my uncle made for the guests to sign..

    *Pay all the vendors off (so much $$$), and confirm details

    *send out my shower thank you's (with help from Postable.com)

    *pick up my dress!! and have a final fitting, Aug 18th!! so excited!! it looked great last time, just needed the bustle..

    I am passed the stressed, since the check list is showing light at the end of a long tunnel.. but we are both surprised that we have been engaged for a year on the 23rd of August.. IT WENT SO FAST!!

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    I am finishing up on all the little details...signs, flip flop baskets, bathroom baskets, etc. I have a running list! I am trying to finish a few projects a week.

     Invitations went out the last week of July and RSVP's have been trickling in. Our RSVP date is Sept 10th so we have a little less than a month til we have a better idea of numbers.

    I plan on doing my escort cards as RSVPs come in and then add the table number once I figure that out closer to the day. I am doing a pinky peach ombre watercolor background and that part is finished, just hoping I can be neat enough with my handwriting to do it myself, otherwise I will use my silhouette machine to do them so they look good. (Such a silly thing to be worried about)

    I feel calm and overwhelmed all at the same time! I will probably check in with all my vendors in the next week or so and make sure we are all on the same page, my bachelorette is next weekend, shower was August 2nd. I can't believe how fast it is all going by now that we are so close! I just don't want to end up with a pinterest fail!!! Is anyone else having nightmares that they forgot to do things?!?!?
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    70 days!  Finished up bridesmaids' bouquets and sent out invites so I'm SUPER excited with obsessing over checking the mailbox for RSVPs and so giddy to get them back!
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    Definitely obsessing over my mailbox! I am currently working on signage. It is more like screwing up signage though! Super frustrating. I am hoping to finalize my flower order this week, I am using fifty flowers, global rose, as well as BJs and going the DIY route. I feel like I have a never ending list. Saturday is the six week mark and I may have a mini panic attack!
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    jessc2010 said:
    Definitely obsessing over my mailbox! I am currently working on signage. It is more like screwing up signage though! Super frustrating. I am hoping to finalize my flower order this week, I am using fifty flowers, global rose, as well as BJs and going the DIY route. I feel like I have a never ending list. Saturday is the six week mark and I may have a mini panic attack!
    Date twin!!  

    The important things WILL get done.  Everything else is gravy.  I am trying my very hardest to just enjoy the crap out of these last 6 (OMG) weeks and let the small things roll off my back.  Eyes on the prize, ladies! :)

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    51 days left! I wish it would GET HERE ALREADY! I'm too excited to get married and to see all my wedding planning come to fruition.

    Still to do:
    • Continue to receive RSVPs (29% returned so far; yes, I DO have a Google spreadsheet with percentages)
    • Sign up for dance lessons (we're only doing three lessons, and doing them in September)
    • Continue taking French (honeymooning in London and Paris)
    • Write thank you notes for all early gifts
    • Apply online for wedding certificate and then go in person to receive it. The only code is only good for 2 weeks, and my next day off is in September, so we're doing this in September.
    • Last meeting with planner is 8/28
    • Makeup trial is 8/29
    • Finish all the major dental work (perfect timing! lol)
    • Buy gifts for my parents and the flower girls/ring bearer
    • Bachelorette is next month
    I'm having fun seeing what little small touches I can add. Like baskets in the bathrooms for guests. Or adding lace to the gift table. But those are really just last minute things, and everything will be fine without them. :)
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    Officially got all the DIY done tonight! With the guest letter, first official signature with my future last name! So I only have like 3 quick DIY things that have to be last minute things but feeling pretty on top of things tonight!

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    39 days and lots of fine details left! Our big outstanding thing is the favor... we still need to finish putting together our cookbook and send it to print. I'm kind of nervous because we've been procrastinating SO much, but also hopeful because we have a little over a month left. We also need to finish laying out the programs and send those to print. We need to finish some DIY stuff (chalkboard frames for table numbers, escort cards, bridal party gifts, other fine details...), which I know I can get done a little at a time. Other than that, it's just getting money together and getting our groomsmen to get measured for their damn tuxes! Our deadline to get fitted is 9/4 and NOBODY has been measured yet!!!  
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    So I received notice last week from our wedding officiant (actually his wife) that he is cancelling all of his upcoming ceremonies (and likely not doing them anymore permanently) due to a serious illness.  Very unfortunate for him and his family, but it puts us in a bit of a pickle.  So with 38 days to go until the wedding I am scrambling to find another officiant.  It shouldn't be a problem, but just frustrated since I am trying to get crap taken care of and things keep popping up. 

    Also, I had a meeting with my DOC to go over linens, etc and I brought one of my DIY centerpieces so we could do a mock table setup.  I got the impression that my DOC thought my centerpieces were crap and now I am second guessing everything and still have a ton to do.  UGH!  I sort of just want the planning stage over with at this point.  Starting to get stressed.

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