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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

I miss...

1. Getting cards and gifts in the mail
2. Making the invitations and writing the programs together
3. Visiting with relatives I haven't seen in ages
4. Seeing my flowers, dress, rings for the first time
5. Standing up there with him as we sealed our commitment
6. Being congratulated by the friends and family that are dearest to us.

I do NOT miss...

1. Stressful thoughts running through my head at work each day
2. Deadlines and timelines
3. Helping to plan a wedding while working full time
4. Working with a particular unreliable vendor
5. Never having time to cook or bake anything that takes more than 20 minutes
6. Not having time to connect with friends
7. Gradual disorganization in the non-wedding aspects of my life
8. Spending so much money
9. Planning for so many different 'what if' scenarios
10. Last-minute changes

So I pretty much love being married... and saying "my husband" instead of my fiance... and building our home together... and spending time together with NO wedding planning! :-D

What do you miss or not miss?
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