Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

We decided to not go thru with it....the wedding it is.

So my H2B and I canceled the wedding that had been taken over by his mother.  We have told all of our immediate family and now to just write out the letter and send to extended family!  I’m excited because this is what I’ve wanted the whole time...I don’t like the idea of a large wedding (and our 50/60people wedding had quickly turned into 160+!)  If anyone else has gone thru this, and has any ideas to give please do tell!:)  H2B's mother is blaming this all on me and saying that I never listen to her ideas-even though I had bought a white dress and changed my color to coral from Dark Purple as I wanted...I have always wanted to wear a colored dress!  My parents are TOTALLY and FULLY behind us-even to the point that they want to pay for us to be able to send out the announcement and everything!:)  We are having dinner with H2B's aunt and grandparents on his mom's side-and they are saying to him at least that they are behind our choice and will back us up no matter what!  So it isn’t all the family...just his Mom and the fact that she is blaming me on everything!  Sorry that this was such a rant!!


Thanks, Abi!:)

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Re: We decided to not go thru with it....the wedding it is.

  • I'm stuck in a very similar situation. The wedding is 5 months away and FH and I are thinking about heading to Vegas (or something similar to that). It's just too much stress. It's not our wedding any's his mom's. So, I'm sure I'll get all the blame if we don't do it the traditional way. We're not traditional people.  Why does everything have to be this difficult?
  • I know the reason that it has to be difficult is because most people have to have everything about them!!  But it doesnt make it any easier to know that!  We are writting a letter to everyone...Im printing it out tonight and we are sending them out this week (thanks to my parents!) :)

    Im sorry to everyone who is going thru this with me!  Lets help each other work thru this!!:)

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  • I cancelled my wedding after I was promised I'd get help with it and then both parents backed out. Some may call me a bridezilla but its not fair to be promised one thing and then it taken away in a moment. My FI and I do not make alot of money. I live on a fixxed income due to a illness that prevents me from working. He works full time we have an 1100 a month apartment payment several hunderd dollars in bills. So we decided to grab the very few pwople that have been here for us and were going to do a civil cermony with a nice lunch. Very good that you rather cancel your wedding then it not be your wedding.
  • This thread is a good set of examples of why it's best for the bride and groom to pay for their own wedding. Only then can the couple be totally sure to get what they want.
  • Horray for those of you with the guts to do this!!! An offer to pay for your wedding does NOT mean that the wedding belongs to your parents! It is yours, and if you have to pay for it all yourself and cancel whatever they came up with to make it yours, all I can say is "you go girls!" Smile
  • I'm confused....can you not just have the wedding you want and pay for it yourself?  Why cancel it all together? 
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