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Did you wear your hair down?

Hello newlyweds!!! Congratulations!!!

I wanted to know if any of you girls wore your hair down at your wedding. I was thinking of keeping it down and a few people tell me it may get on my nerves. So if you wore your hair down, do you wish you didnt? or did you love it?

Re: Did you wear your hair down?

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    I put my hair up because I knew it would get on my nerves.  I was already hot enough in everything I was wearing, that I couldn't even imagine having my hair down as well.
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    when you normally wear your hair down does it get on your nerves? i want to wear my hair down cause i just like the way it looks that way. though i do have a tendency to touch my hair a lot so i'm just gonna get my hair done with big loose curls so i won't be messing up anything too structured. maybe do something half up so at least there isn't too much hair that's in your face.
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    I wore my hair half up/half down and it didn't really bother me.  It was a little hot when we were dancing, but I know I like my hair better like that (I don't like my profile with my hair all the way up).  I agree with pp, if I doesn't normally bother you down, i doubt it will on your big day unless you are worried about getting really hot with it down.
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    I love the look of my hair down, but I definitely tend to sweat a lot (especially since I got married in the heat and humidity of the Caribbean!).

    In the morning, I went to a salon and had the stylist do it down with a flower.  I kept it like that for our portraits.  Before the ceremony, the stylist came to my hotel room to put my hair up and attach the veil.  Thank goodness she did!  It was windy on the beach, it and DEFINITELY would have been in my face, annoying me.  Plus I was happy not to have wet, sweaty hair on my neck all night.
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    Just make sure that your hair REALLY holds a curl if you have any of it down.  My daughter did it half/half...she insisted ion it!  I tried to talk her out of it because I fought with her hair her entire life and know it won't hold a curl worth a darn.  Sure enough, by the end of preceremony photos the down half was limp and we had to recurl.  By the end of the ceremony it was limp again.  She still looked beautiful, but she fretted about it.  So, know what your hair will do...and be honest about it!
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
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    I debated and debated over whether to wear mine up or down, and ended up going with down. I absolutely loved it, and it didn't bother me at all, surprisingly (even though it was over 90 degrees). :)


    **i'm a little drunk on you and high on summertime** Photobucket
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    With the "holding a curl" thing....I'll tell you my secret......clip-in hair extensions!  They hold curl for days!!!!!  My hair stylist curled them then clipped them in under my real hair and it worked like a charm!

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    I'm wearing my hair the exact same way I always do, which is down.
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    Cutypie...what kind of hair extensions did you use and where did you get them from??
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    bmd14bmd14 member
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    I wore my hair half up and it looked great in the beginning but the curl fell out half way through the night.  Also, some of the pins began to fall out.  I loved it had it stayed all night but now i wish I would have jsut worn it up.
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    I wore my hair down and loved it! I normally wear my hair down, and since we got married in Sept., the heat wasn't an issue. So, I dida  half-up, all-curls do and it was totally me. You've got to do what's you...and what you'd like to look at via the picture on your wall for the next three years. :)
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    I agree with CutyPie, the secret to holding the curl is real hair extensions. Make sure to get REMI Real human hair extensions though.
    They are a lot more expensive, usually around $300, but I found mine on eBay for less than $45 to the door. My friends were so impressed, they all ordered some in different colors and they are perfect! Excellent quality:

    Mine blended completely in with my hair, the color was identical:

    My hair was still curly at 2am when I finally called it a night!
    I wore it down (with a few pins up) because whenever I put my hair up, I get headaches.

    How do you usually wear your hair? I'd consider that before making a decision.
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    I wore mine down but took pictures outside in 90+ humid weather and then rain!  Of course, it lost its curl and I was a mess...but it didn't look bad in the photos. My friend is a hair stylist and she put it up once i got to the reception.  Thank goodness.  Looking back, I may have just put it up, but I loved how it looked down for when I was walking down the aisle.  Whatever, I had a great day and it isn't something I think about that much.  If you sweat alot and it is going to be a humid day, consider putting it up!
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