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Yay! This has been a hellishly long week so I am so glad it is Friday.


Tonight I am going school supply shopping like a total nerd and am beyond excited for it. Then H and I are going to go out to eat but I'm not sure where yet.


Tomorrow morning I am meeting up with my mom and we are going to go to the farmer's market and then cook all day.


Sunday I volunteer in the morning at the shelter and then I am going to a going away party for one of my friends. I am sad to see her leave. =(


What's everyone else up to?

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Re: Friday!

  • It's going to be dreary and rainy out this weekend and I could care less! Going to finally register tomorrow, throw in some day drinking to keep us happy and motivated, and probably see Ted 2. 

    Sunday we netflix.
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  • Tonight I'm getting a wax and a pedicure and tomorrow H and I are going to Kansas City for his first Stones concert. Sunday we're meeting my mom's friend from high school for lunch before driving home. 
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  • Saturday- usual errands; dry cleaner (not fun), grocery shopping (fun- at the farmer's market!), meditation (relaxing), and then probably gym (not fun, but beneficial), and cooking (fun).

    Sunday- hang w/ the fiance; not sure what we'll do yet.
  • Busy.   This is my weekend to work Sunday (I'm on a every saturday, every other Sunday schedule).     Next Sunday I was to be off, but with the 4th of July holiday they asked if I could work Sunday too.       The question becomes are they going to schedule me on the 12th, as it would be my Sunday to work, or are they going to give me off and reset my every other weekend off?   

    I'm on the fence.   3 weeks of no days off sucks.  However, my birthday weekend was going to be my off Sunday and we have tentative plans.  Reseting my Sunday off would mess that up.     

    FWP I tell you.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Today I'm getting some warranty work done on my car and going out for lunch with an old friend.

    Tomorrow my sister voluntold me to help her with an event she helped organize. I'm required to stand out in the rain for two hours handing out wrist bands. NOT pleased.

    Sunday H is doing a walk to support a charity that is doing research for the disease that killed his uncle. I'm going to support him by standing there and looking pretty (lol... and by pretty I mean I will try not to have resting bitch face)
  • Tonight I was going to make baked ziti but realize I never took any ground beef out of the freezer. Plus I'd have to stop at the store and get all of the cheese and sauce we'd need to make it so that dinner idea is scratched. I'll probably stop at Wegmans anyway and just get something all prepared to pop in the oven.

    Tomorrow we were going to go to a jazz festival but it's supposed to be rainy and in the low 60s all day so that's a no go. Instead we'll probably work on cleaning out the house and prepping to paint the living room and guest room. H also has a few errands he wants to run.

    Sunday I think we're going wine tasting. There's a BBQ/wine tasting event on one of the smaller lakes that we've gone to before and always has amazing food. After that we may go to inlaws house for dinner or just chill at home.
  • Today FI is finally supposed to get some information from his boss regarding his work (Coworker quit, they aren't replacing him, effectively changing FI schedule from 10 &5 to 5 & 2, which in turn then invalidates his vacation time that he has booked off for the wedding). So hopefully tonight we will have some answers in regards to how to move forward and can start arranging somethings.

    Tomorrow we're going on a weekend hiking trip!!!! There's a place about 2 hours south of us thats know for its waterfalls and dinosaur fossils. We've gone there twice and haven't even done half the hikes. We have two hikes planned for tomorrow that take us to this stone corral type thing and some caves. and then a long hike on sunday that takes us to the tallest waterfall in BC. I think overall we have about 25km of hikes planned.

    And then we will come home sunday night and eat chinese food.

    I'm really stoked, I've been really stressed out about FI's work lately that it will be so nice to just get out into the wilderness together where it's peaceful and just enjoy nature. I'm not religious, but being out in nature definitely has a powerful affect on me. I get a little awed by what the earth has to offer.
  • Tonight H and I will probably go out to eat (that's our usual Friday routine).

    Tomorrow will probably be housework, grocery store, other not-so-fun obligations.

    Since we have been working so hard around the house and in the yard every weekend, H said that we should head up to Austin for the day on Sunday and do something fun - walk around Ikea, check out some food trucks...I'm excited for that!

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    Tonight I will do dinner with Dad, then come home and finish cleaning/packing. Tomorrow I'm off on a 12hr drive to see FI and spent over a week with him (super excited!!!). So all day Saturday is sitting on my tush eating white cheddar pop corn and beef jerky. Sunday we will probably grocery shop since there are some meals he has requested I make, I will cook a lot of different things he likes and freeze them in single serve sizes so he can eat them after work when I leave. 

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  • Not sure about tonight. Dynamics are different now that SIL is living with us (through the end of the summer).

    Tomorrow will be busy. Getting up early to fix our closet. When we came home from vacation on Tuesday night  we found that both bars broke, the top breaking then falling down and breaking the bottom. I've been busy with work so I haven't gotten to fixing it. Might do it tonight, actually. The afternoon gets much more interesting.

    I've been excited about genealogy and a bunch of the extended cousins are getting together tomorrow to trade notes/validate assumptions, trade pictures, etc. I'm excited.

    Best yet- we're signing the contract on our house! Pretty soon I will no longer be a home owner!!! We close in 5 weeks and I can't wait!!!

    Sunday, DH promised we'd work on the house projects he's been promising for the last 18 months. Knowing him, he'll use SIL as an excuse to avoid the work again. I'm getting progressively angrier about this.
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  • Oh!

    Also, my little sister was due yesterday. So at some point soon I will become an aunty for the second time! My adorable nephew was born in November, and I'm pretty excited to add a niece to my roster of children to spoil.

    I'm betting she'll have the kid mid afternoon tomorrow on sunday morning while FI and I are in the middle of the backwoods with no cell reception. Because, of course.
  • Tonight I'm making garlic scape pesto, which will be served with chicken linguini and roasted zucchini.

    Tomorrow we're going to hike one or two 4000-foot mountains in New Hampshire. Maybe these ones. Or these ones. Or these ones. I can't decide yet. As my H points out, I spend a lot of my time obsessing over which hikes to do.

    Sunday it will rain and we're going to finally finish the last of our thank you cards which are overdue (bad bride! bad bride!)
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    Today is the last day of school! Woo hoo!

    Tonight H and I are going to a seafood restaurant on the jersey shore.

    Tomorrow morning I'm getting my nails done with a friend, then H and I are getting the kids for a week.

    It's not going to be a good weekend to hit the pool, so we might take the kids to see Jurassic World. Has anybody seen it? Yay or nay?


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  • @decembergrl2014 We saw Jurassic World last weekend and it was amazing!! I highly recommend it.
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  • kvrunskvruns member
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    Got done with a meeting early and got to go visit my old coworkers, those who are left anyway. I've been gone for almost 2 years so it was weird just now going back in the building. Tonight nothing planned, think it is going to be rainy

    Saturday - run in the morning, meeting my parents for dinner at night to thank them for paying for part of the wedding

    Sunday - nothing planned, but H is getting the keys back from his tenant at the rental and then I think he wants to do some work and I have to help (I'm not handy at all)

  • Tonight, DH and I are going to our usual wing and beer place with his parents and sister.

    Tomorrow is the usual cleaning and laundry. I will probably go to the pool at my aunt's at some point. DH is working this weekend but I am hoping he will mow the yard and change the oil in my car.

    Sunday, I really need and want to go to church. DH and I will probably go see our parents and just relax. Maybe pool?

  • Casadena said:

    Heading out of the COUNTRY tonight for a 2 week vacation!!! Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Belgium here we come! 

    Ah I'm so jealous! I hope you have so much fun!  
  • Today is also the last day of school for us.  Kids are running around outside all day on slip and slides, bungee chute things and in hamster balls.  I'm sitting in a chair eating hot dogs and "supervising".  It's also 29 today, so it's gloriously hot.  It was 20C when I woke up.  

    And today is McDavid day!!!  My hockey team is going to get Connor McDavid in the draft tonight.  And if for some weird reason they don't, I'm pretty sure the city will burn to the ground with all of the rioting that will occur.  ;)

  • The second I get home from work and get changed, we're leaving to go to J's parents' house, which is where his brother and BIL's girlfriend are for the week.  SO FREAKING EXCITED.  We haven't seen J's brother since the wedding, and haven't met his girl yet.  We're there for the weekend, and are taking them to the city Monday night to catch their ridiculous Tuesday A.M flight.  J is taking his new mini-crossbow, and I'm going to take my hunting bow and possibly my pistol so we can go shoot some shit.  AND we get to get good coffee at the local coffee shop every damn day.

    The boxes I ordered for our move came today.  J was a little pissy that he had to unload them off the pallet to send the pallet back with the driver... I didn't have the heart to tell him that I could have definitely used that pallet for stuff and things.

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    Tonight DH wants to go fishing to catch dinner. . .  i'm still not sure what we'll have if we don't catch anything!!!  Tomorrow I work all day at the winery.  Usually I like it, but i'm not super pumped about it for some reason.  Sunday FIL and his GF will be out.  They live far away and we haven't seen them in what feels like forever.  We'll have dinner with them for FIL's birthday.  I'm excited that they'll be here visiting for about 2 weeks (staying with his brother).

    I'm anxious for the weekend to move for probably the first time ever because I have my first appt on Tuesday with the OB and i'm pretty giddy and nervous about it!
  • luckya23 said:
    Oh, you know, just getting ready to get married tomorrow! Outdoor reception with 90% chance of rain....

    It rained on my wedding day too.  Beach wedding.   Still one of the best days of my life.   

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Just passing through Montgomery, Al on way to NYC (I started a thread on it. It's a LONG drive). We cleaned out our Nola house today and squeezed everything we could into our truck. Although I'm excited to start our new life together, I'm soooooo sad to be leaving Nola :(

    We'll hang w/pals in Atlanta tonight, then head to DC to spend the night with Sil & her fam who have a cool place on Capitol Hill.

    Sunday we head to DH's parents in PA to collapse.

    As we finished cleaning out the fridge today, I found some caviar that we hadn't gotten around to eating. We couldn't bring it, I refused to throw it away, and we had nothing to eat it on so I improvised and ate it on some Zapp's!

    On the ride I'm shooting daggers at every Chick-Fil-A billboard as we celebrate marriage equality. Such a great day!
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