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I will soon be booking the hair and make up for my wedding. I have 3 bridesmaids. I will be having airbrush makeup for myself and having my hair in an updo. Generally, does the bride pay for the bridesmaids to have their hair and makeup done also? I am looking at using glam squad at the moment. They charge $160 for airbrush and hair, and, $135 for traditional makeup and hair. In total without tax and tip that would be $565, so really I would be looking at around $700. Is it just me or does this seem a lot of money to spend?

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  • I paid for my bridesmaids and both mothers. It was a lot but was well worth it. All the ladies felt amazing and looked stunning. Check out Beauty by Bri as she has some packages and was really flexible when I told her my budget. 
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  • Im using glamsquad or 2 bridesmaids and myself for my July 11 wedding. What im doing is paying for the $25 dollar deposit for each of the girls and they are responsible for their remaining balance the day of.
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  • It's up to you whether you want to pay for your maids or not -- I don't think there's any hard and fast rule for it. I've been in one wedding where the bride paid for all of us, and one where she had one coming for herself and her mom and we had the option of paying for ourselves if we wanted it too.
  • I also don't believe there's any "rules" about this sort of thing.  I'm not big into hair / make-up so my hair is being done by my MOH and I'll probably end up doing my own, very light, make-up.  I told all my people that they can go get their hair / make-up professionally done if they want to or they can come get ready with me and MOH and do it themselves.  Totally up to them!
  • I only paid for my sister (Maid of Honor) because she does not do her makeup or hair every day and I wanted hers to come out perfect. All my other girls are very well versed in makeup and hair so I gave them the pricing and told them it was optional to have hair/makeup professionally done. Most went for professional makeup and some girls with longer hair also opted for hair to be done. I have faith that they will all look great no matter what they chose. They all totally understood that I couldn't afford to pay for it and did not have an issue with deciding what they wanted to pay for themselves.
  • We paid for the five BM's, a mom and grandma's h&m.  We didn't feel right about asking our wedding party to spend anything past the plane ticket to Vegas.  My wife's been in several weddings where h&m was required and paid out of her pocket, and it just gives you something to grumble about on a day that should otherwise be all happy.  I think it's okay to not pay if it's also voluntary; then girls who would rather save the money and do their own thing, can.

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  • If you make it mandatory then you should, but as long as it's optional pay-your-own-way is completely fine.  Half my girls got pro services and half did their own, and all of them looked great.
  • I am paying for myself, my maid of honor and my future daughter in law. Using Beauty by Bri and it was almost the same for three as two so make sense. And be a nice girl time. And felt same as others about asking them to pay out more money after traveling to Vegas. 
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  • @jenni5672 has a good point -- some MUAs do a group discount. If they do, they'll advertise it openly on their websites. Check around!
  • I think what personally made it nice for me to pay for it is 2 fold. 1) my girls loved and appreciated being pampered and liked not having to worry about much except having fun with me and 2) I liked knowing that I wouldn't have to "worry" about anyone having issues with hair/makeup.
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