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Making my dress

So, I reached a decision. I hate white clothes on me. I am uncomfortable in the stiff gown fabrics. We are having a fairly casual wedding. I can sew well and am experienced in embellishments on jersey. Yeah, I'm an Alabama Chanin addict.

I just got my yardage today. It's now washed and dried. I need to pick apart the bodice muslin for my pattern, then I can start. Mostly so I can know how much fabric it will actually take, thus I can lay out the skirt pieces. I should have enough for my first choice skirt, but if I figured wrong, I will still have plenty for my second choice skirt.

And I placed my bead order today. So I can actually embellish parts.

18 months to sew and embellish my wedding dress. Here's hoping I can get it done.

Re: Making my dress

  • Good luck and have fun!

  • That should be plenty of time. My sister sewed her wedding dress (it had a sweep train and did not have a lot of embellishments but did have a tricky lace overlay on the skirt) in four or five months. I think it was even less than that as I know she shopped around for a while before deciding to sew her own.
  • I have faith in you! I think you can make the perfect dress in that amount of time. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Good luck! :)
  • LOL - All I'm thinking is "Like any true sewer you'll be in it on the way to your ceremony and finishing the hem" ... 
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  • I'm so excited for you! As a complete non-seamstress, I am totally impressed by people who not only can sew, but who can sew wedding gowns! I would love to see progress pics and/or the finished product!

  • Love it! Keep us posted on the progress. I too am sewing my own dress, so I read as many blogs on that as I could, because I want to keep it real and see what people do, etc.

    I'll be keeping my knee/tea length, and very 50s style. Saves on the alterations too ^_^.

    As for Alabama Chanin, check this link out about a woman who did her dress through them

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  • Well, turned my fiance loose on the drawing. It's awesome. I sewed the skirt together first, then he sketched the design out. Then he got out the Sharpie.

    Right now, I've got the fabric sewn for underneath where I'm cutting the top layer out for reverse applique. But it's hot in summer when it's all puddled in my lap. So it's on a rest until fall.

    So I'm working on the top instead. Which is very nearly done because the beading is detailed but fast so it didn't take horribly long on the neckline. The hems have beaded trim because FMIL dug it out of her stash and it's perfect. Just need to decide how to lace the back up. I need some play, I am reasonably stable size wise, but 18 months out, I'm taking some risks on sizing.
  • You are so brave and badass doing your own beading. I'm going to make my dress too. First Im investing in a uniquely you dressform. That way i can make the dress to my exact figure. I have had such a hard time finding a bridal gown pattern that i like ( i want looots of poof) so i probably just make my own. I have 11 months.

    The dress i originally fell in love with has beading and crystals sewn onto the bodice..
    Ive been sewing a long time and ive made very full dresses and patterns before do im not swaeting that yet, I'm just terrified by beading. Have you done it before? Are you using any online how-tos? Is it level expert and i should back away slowly? Lol
  • I've done a lot less beading overall, but more detailed beading before (and I will never do that pattern again) so I'd say I'm moderate. But it's on jersey which is far more forgiving than typical bridal fabrics.

    I've done an AC class before and sewing the parts was fine. Beading the top was fine. The nerve wracking part was turning my FI loose on the skirt with a Sharpie marker. But I love his design so I just closed my eyes and let him draw. It's all swirling and sparkly and is plain awesome. But ick in heat.
  • Yes!!! We want to see a pic!!! (if you don't mind) :-)

     ~ K

  • Wow, good luck! You must keep us updated! One of my closest girlfriends made her wedding dress alongside her mother - 10,000 hand stitches on the hem! She was sewing buttons onto her jacket in the car on the way to the ceremony lol, what a hero!
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    wow! super impressed you can do this. please show progress pics so we can cheer you on?
     also...after following the link below:

    blueeyedkat said:

    As for Alabama Chanin, check this link out about a woman who did her dress through them

    this was in one of the click about a very cool DIY!!!

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