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Chocolate or charcoal pants

For FI, since my dress is blue - he's wondering what color he should wear. Black is too harsh, and his navy slacks looked too dark next to my dress fabric. He's down to a chocolate brown pair which looks nice, but a bit dated to me or a charcoal pair which looks nice but might be too dark also.

Or any suggestions on other colors to consider?

Re: Chocolate or charcoal pants

  • How about a lighter shade of grey?  What is he wearing with the pants?
  • I don't understand how black could possibly be offensive but I vote for the grey. Brown pants are just ugly.
  • Charcoal. I don't care what color the dress or what the circumstances. No to chocolate brown pants.

  • Wedding is January 2017 so yes, have time. But I like at least a general idea now. Outfit depends on how agreeable he is towards a suit vs a shirt and sweater or something similar.

    The brown pants really aren't ugly in normal wear, they're dark enough. But ick with blue to me.

    Charcoal or gray pants it is. Thanks!
  • What kind of dress are you wearing?  If you are wearing a long, formal wedding gown, he needs to dress accordingly. A suit would be best.
  • Long, light blue jersey, not formal but embellished. He'll 90% likely be in a suit, even if right now he thinks jeans would be fine.
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