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AW: I'm married!!

And I couldn't have asked to anything more. The whole weekend has been so busy and fun and a marathon basically. It's been raining the entire month of June; so I was really worried about our outdoor wedding, but amazingly Friday was the only day it didn't rain this week. Thursday was our rehearsal: it went well except for this duck. The duck hated my bridesmaid, and actually chased her around and was biting her ankles during the whole rehearsal. I don't know where it came from, so there's that. Friday I woke up just extremely calm. I think mentally I had come to terms with "whatever happens happens". I had prepped, and coordinated everything I could, if it didn't work out at that point there was nothing I could do. My girls and I got to the venue early to get ready and it was stunning. The floral arrangements and decor were the exact visions in my head. My dad was super nervous walking me down the aisle, so he was speed walking; which caused my veil to catch on something- a chair or flower arrangement I guess? It pretty much yanked my head back, definitely not the formal entrance I had in mind but I thought it was funny and everyone laughed. The ceremony was short and sweet, the pastor did a great job making it unique and personalized to us. The pictures were SO FAST it was awesome! Someone thought to bring us some of the cocktail hour food (which was amazing because we had a bacon bar and I was so sad to miss out on that) and we got all the formal shots done in 30 minutes, so H and I had some time to just let everything soak in and have some private time before the party. The reception was a blur. Great food, lots of booze, and everyone danced the whole night. We were going to have a sparkler send off, but someone told me a storm was coming and we might not be able to do it, I said I'd rather keep dancing anyway. The storm didn't come though and we were able to do both! I drank a little too much: i kept telling everyone I'd be at the hotel bar for an afterparty but I fell asleep on the bus and H just put me to bed. Saturday morning we had breakfast with all the OOT Guests at the hotel, and then everyone came back to our house to eat the leftover wedding food and drink the booze: which turned into an all day house party. This morning we went to brunch with everyone who stayed the whole weekend and it was so great to have extra time with our guests. All said and done, I couldn't have asked for a better wedding and I can't wait for our honeymoon next week!!

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