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    Usually depression and anxiety are two very different feelings. We can't really help you narrow that down like a therapist could. I would consider finding out if you're really concerned. 
    BUT it's very common for women to have anxiety when they have life changes. Especially when it has to do with suddenly having stability. We are two and a half times more likely than men to suffer from anxiety as is.. now add in a sudden life change, and that will sky rocket.

    You should be asking yourself what are the thoughts you have when this onsets. Is it anxiety over a specific thought? Do you have a very stable background to begin with?
    I know that I struggled with anxiety over driving, flying, going into crowds, etc for quite a while when I met my H.. and I realized it was because I wasn't used to having such a healthy, stable life. I was terrified of losing it. Death became a huge fear. 

    It's not surprising that you went from having an incredibly emotional day (wedding) to a super mellow, stress-relieving experience with your H  (honeymoon) and that now you are feeling overwhelmed with feelings since you are back to reality. THAT is a very common experience.. If that's what it is, try to look at all the positives. You have wedding photos to look forward to soon!! So exciting! Start looking at albums and scrap books. Start a project, even if it's something as little as a puzzle with your H. 
    Make a weekly tradition to look forward to like friday night dinners to restaurants you have never been, etc. 
    Once life settles back down, you will settle back down.
  • My husband and I got married in Jamaica on 6-20-12.  The most important people in our lives made the trip with us.  It was such an amazing experience for both of our families to be together and interact with each other.  For some of them, they experienced a lot of things for the first time together.  I was never a bridezilla whatsoever, but I had the best time of my life planning my wedding.  It consumed 90% of my time for about 10 months.  We have been married for a month now and we are back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  I was REALLY sad the day after we got back home to the states after our incredible wedding week in Montego Bay.  The sadness lasted for about 3 weeks.  I felt like I had NOTHING to do, and I just sat around looking at photos of the wedding week.  I LOVE my husband and our home that we have made together, but that week was seriously the best time of my life.  The day  that I planned for sooo long, finally came and went wayyyy to fast.  I am still waiting on two more things. My professional photos from our photographer, I should have them by the middle of this week, and our marriage certificate.  It takes about 3-4 months for Jamaica to get us our official marriage certificate.  Once I get get these things, I hope I will feel more complete.  So far all I have been able to do is change to my husbands health insurance benefits with our temporary certificate.  I need the certified original to change my DL, SS card, etc.  I am a nurse and I have to sign my maiden name. At first I felt like I am not Single Emily K anymore, but I can't quite go by married Emily K., well, at least on paper.  I felt incomplete at first, but not anymore.  I am sure that once I get my photos I wont be so sad anymore.  Right now the suspense is killing me.  I need to see those photos, because the day went by soo fast.  I worry that I will forget details of our day, so we keep talking about it.  We ask eachother questions  all the time like, "ok, now how long were you waiting for me at the ceremony venue before I got there? "What did you think about when you saw me from a distance and then walking up the isle?  Did you cry when you opened the gift I got you?  What did your family say about the gift?  blah blah blah.  We seriously talk about things everyday and it takes me back to last month and helps me.  Plus the anticipation of going back to Jamaica Next year to celebrate, gives me something to look forward to.  Now we just need to keep ourselves busy and start another "project"  I think a good one would be to start organizing an album or finding a cute one on etsy or having it made.  It kind of keeps you close to the wedding planning phase as well as allowing you to transition into the next phase of your lives together. =)
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    [QUOTE] You have <strong>wedding photos to look forward to soon</strong>!! So exciting! Start looking at albumes of scrap books. Start a project, even if it's something as little as a puzzle with your H.  Make a weekly tradition to look forward to like friday night dinners to restaurants you have never been, etc.  Once life settles back down, you will settle back down.
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    All great points! I highlighted the wedding photos because that as well as our wedding video really helped me and allowed me to relive those moments that you don't get to see on your special day. As time goes on things will start to feel like normal. As beautiful as our weddings are let's not forget that our marriage is what really counts.
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