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Screw You, Pandora

I understand that free services like Facebook or Pandora rely on advertising to earn money, but sometimes those advertisements just make me feel bad about myself or question how on earth they decided that I was the perfect candidate for the advertisement.

Today as I was blasting Pandora to make cleaning the house less of a chore, I actually listened to the advertisements instead of tuning them out like normal.  Usually, I get stuff from Trader Joe's, new T.V. series, etc. but today, 9 advertisements in a row, I got an advertisement from an IVF treatment center starting off with something along the lines of, "Did you know that women over the age of 33 begin to have fertility issues because of the age of their eggs?  Come in NOW and have us freeze your eggs, or talk to a specialist about how we can help you conceive.  You only have so much time before this decision is taken out of your hands (queue a clock ticking)."  I turned 33 two weeks ago and I have never heard this advertisement before.  One time, and I'd accept that it was fluke, but 9 times?  What the hell?!?  True, I don't have kids yet, and yes, TTC is something that we'll be doing in the next year or so, but I started to get a little freaked out, and then worried that I've ruined all chances of having kids because OMG I WAITED TOO LONG TO USE MY EGGS!  Stupid, I know, but hearing that commercial so many times got to me.  I wish there was a way to never hear a commercial again.  Screw you Pandora for making me feel so insecure.  I hope DH took me seriously and is bringing a movie and all the chocolate so I can turn this mood around.

Re: Screw You, Pandora

  • My pandora is full of ads for politicians whose slogan is something along the lines of "fight Obama". Look you treasonous bastards, stop playing your ads during my showtunes. I get you don't like our President, but Jesus! Either that or the ads are in Spanish, which is an interesting dichotomy. 

    It's true that around 35 it can become a little harder to get pregnant, but I don't think the change is significant until your 40s. Especially since women have such better reproductive care now, our systems stay healthier for far longer than they used to. Plenty of women have babies in their thirties with no issue. You did not wait too long, you're a perfectly healthy age for having children! What a terrible commercial, preying on the fears of women!
  • As a PSA: I recently learned that Amazon's music app is kind of amazing. The selection of music is not as good as Pandora/iTunes -- it is not everything under the sun. But it is a pretty wide variety of music, and you can put your own music in it and you can treat any song available on Prime like it's yours. Like, you can stick a song on a playlist and listen whenever even though you don't actually own it. On their stations there are no commercials and if you hear a song you like, you can just back it up and play it again. 

    I'm sorry you had a crappy ad experience, don't let a stupid website make you question your life choices. 

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