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Gimme Some Sugar - what flavors did you LOVE?

Trying to decide on flavors for a 2 tier cake from Gimme Some Sugar. The problem is that ALL the flavors look amazing. My FI and I cannot decide!! Ladies/Gents who have ordered or had tastings from them - what flavors did you love???

I tried doing a quick search on the boards here and everyone raves about Gimme Somr Sugar but not a lot listed what kind of cake they chose ;)

Re: Gimme Some Sugar - what flavors did you LOVE?

  • Mine was custom made flavor and it did not disappoint!!! I had a white butter cake w/ cannoli cream w/ mini Choc Chips filling it was delicious!! Any of their creations are amazing - Only sad thing is Ashley whom is amazing w/ be leaving the company, if she hasn't already. She is the one I dealt w/ and was sooo awesome. I luved every dessert we had, just scrumptous!  I've posted my pics of our dessert table several times on these boards, if you like to see them I can reattach  
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    I just got back and LOVED Gimme Some Sugar. I used them for both my meet and greet and my wedding cake. My cake pops on Friday were cookies and cream, red velvet, and confetti. The cookies and cream went so fast- the chocolate was divine. My wedding cake was custom made with various layers of chocolate and vanilla cake and whipped cream icing. Again, guests loved the chocolate. Regardless, I highly recommend the whipped cream frosting as it was light and sweet without being overly sweet and heavy like fondant can be.
  • YES!! Whipped cream - I had that too! @trm358 beautiful!
  • I loved their berries and crea, flavor and their red velvet with their amazing cream cheese frosting
  • @jayjaay OMG I read about your cannoli cream and immediately had to have that! My fiance and I LOVE cannolis!

    We decided on 2 tiers, cannoli cream w/chocolate chips on the bottom tier and chocolate with oreos on top.

    Thanks ladies for your suggestions and pictures!!
  • silverblade005 OMG THAT SOUNDS DELICH!!
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