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My (other) brother is getting married! And adopting!

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I just wanted to share this good news with you guys about another one of my brothers! (I have 4 brothers total, and none of them are married). I was pretty bummed out after learning last week that one of my brothers broke up with his long-time girlfriend and good friend of mine. But then, yesterday I heard from one of my older brothers that he's getting married! He and his GF are in their 40s and have been together for like 15 years and we all just thought that they would be together forever but didn't really feel the need to get married. But now I guess they are! And better yet, they're adopting a kid out of foster care! They're going to do a small ceremony, immediate family only, next month. They're both such incredibly good people and this just makes me so happy! Spread the love!
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Re: My (other) brother is getting married! And adopting!

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