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Realizing midway that it was a bad idea - How was your weekend?


Re: Realizing midway that it was a bad idea - How was your weekend?

  • Sorry all of that happened, but I would have turned around as soon as I realized the food was forgotten.  A lot of very experienced hikers, climbers, etc. perish because they push on instead of stopping and/or going back... 

    I keep telling my fiance I want to go camping and such again (haven't been in a LONG time) but told him I'd want to renew my CPR and first aid training before we did.  I'd hate to be the only one out w/ him and incapable of taking care of something that might have been avoidable / treatable simply because I was too lazy to take a class before going out.
    SO has this crazy beacon thing that has an emergency button it that we can press if we ever get into real trouble. I don't think we'll ever need it but it gives me some peace of mind to know that if something ever does happen that we can call in for help no matter where we are.
    Yep, and if no one is around to see/hear this thing, what good will it do you really?  Or if they are too far away to respond to it in a timely manner?

    jenna8984 said:
    @vulgargirl Great info, thanks! I didn't mean to generalize, as I know there are plenty of countries like South Africa and Morocco that probably have cleaner water than my own town. I also thought there were more local water sources such as ponds. Again, not trying to generalize but the few "survivor-man" type shows I've seen seem to have a lot of water holes for wild animals (unsanitary from the animal feces). 
    I doubt Morocco has cleaner water than your town. . . they only treat 13% of their wastewater.  Only about 60% of the population has access to a tapped water source.

    I wouldn't believe anything you see on those "survival" shows.  How fucking extreme a survival situation can you possibly be in if you have a camera crew filming you?  That means there are other ppl around you with access to transportation, medical care, etc.  Which means you have access to it as well.  Plus, it's already been proven a few times that Bear Grylls spends a lot of time in hotels with the crew while filming.  There's also alot of speculation around Les Stroud's legitimacy as well, although at least he's supposedly filming on his own, no crew that we can tell.

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