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2016 Brides.....and Everyone else!

Hello's planning? My planning is coming along......I ordered my dress a couple weekends ago (LOVE IT), we are scheduled to take our E-pics on Friday. (The contest Lady FLAKED). No problem...just added to my photographer invoice.......our guy was very nice about driving to ATL from NC just to do E-pics.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Re: 2016 Brides.....and Everyone else!

  • Hey there.  Planning is just about over for me.  Right now I need to schedule my final fitting for my ceremony dress and schedule alterations for my reception dress.  I have wrap up meetings with my vendors in the latter part of July and early August.  My invites are out or the most part and I am just watching for RSVPs.  It's been a LONG haul with this planning and I just ready to be married already.  

    We are scheduled to take e-pics on 7/11.  We both hate taking pics so I hope it turns out well.


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  • Hey Hey! Nice! I hear you about being ready to be married and I have soooooooooooooo much longer to go.

    Sounds like you are on track and ready! I am sure your pictures will turn out FAB! It is a 50% chance of rain, tomorrow! GREAT! Rain, Sleet or Snow we taking pictures tomorrow if we have to take them at home on the couch. LMAOOOOO! Im ready to finish our site, LOL!

  • Who is doing your E pics? I'm in Atlanta too. I booked the venue, deposits on the dress and some of the music (steel band) but still on the hunt for everything else. Lawd, are we married yet? Lol
  • @Knottie58918971 - Our photog came from Charlotte to do our pictures!

    Waiting to see the end result now because when I tell you it RAINED 75% of our shoot. But, we got ALOT of pictures. My hair fail, of course...I didn't like my make up. UGH! After it started raining the second time...I said F it, we just taking E-pics with a boring black umbrella! LOL!

    Where are you getting married? We found a band, just need to book them......and a list of other things.....have you started the search for invites, will you do them yourself?

    RIGHT - are we married yet! LOL! Im going to get excited at the year mark! LOL!

  • Hi ladies! Sorry to be so tardy for the My wedding is on 4/16/16. We're finalizing vendors and paying deposits. My dress should arrive in early November. We're scheduled to take e-pics 10/29 (late, i know). I hope they come out ok. Still trying to figure out exactly where we want to take them. My bridesmaids have given me the headaches thus far. Getting deposits and measurements done for their dresses was like pulling teeth. I have secured, venue, photography, catering, cake, and will be doing videography next. Fiance's only task was the DJ and he's done that. I need to book a brass band still though.
  • Hey hey! You are moving along nicely! 

    Time is going by so fast.
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