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Is anyone writing their own vows?

Is anyone else writing their own vows?  This is something Adam and I are set on doing.  I am starting to write now...because I am so picky with the way things are worded and I want it to be perfect.

Re: Is anyone writing their own vows?

  • My fiance and I are writing our own too! It's seriously one of the top three things I am excited for on our wedding day! I've also started writing, just when little things pop into my head, or quotes I think are extra relevant to us. I'm sure yours will be perfect, no matter how much time you put into them! It's great to be prepared though, these are pretty important words.
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    Yes, we are too. We are planning on writing them here in a few weeks. We are going on a short trip to a cabin in a gorgeous forest a few hours away, and we'll be secluded just us two. We thought it would be a great time to think about what we want to say and not have a ton of pressure to get it done right away. I'd rather do it during something like that than wait. 

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  • Yay!  I am glad we're not the only ones.  
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