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How did it affect you?

Hi Girls

My FI and I are working really hard these last 4 1/2 months to stay healthy and in shape. We here from others that right before the wedding when stress is usually at it worst , that they have either gained some weight from stress eating, or they have lost weight from not eating at all! I just wanted to see how many of you have experienced this?

Re: How did it affect you?

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    My DH & i really didnt stress out at all during the planning process.We tried to stay very relaxed,My motto has always been "if you cant fix it why stress over it".If something is going to go wrong you wont be able to stop it so why spend your time stressing over it?why not just make a new plan and do something else?

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    I ended up losing a few pounds, thank goodness. I was so stressed I wasn't eating.
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    Unfortunately, I lost an inch or two between my final fitting and the wedding. I think it had more to do with water weight than it did stress though.
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    I think it depends on you some people gain weight when they are stressed, others dont. What do you do?? I typical gain weight cause at that point i don't care what i eat.
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    i was very stressed and snacked more than i usually would, but i didn't gain any weight. i would say it depends more your regular lifestyle and metabolism.
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    When I got visibly stressed, I vented myself at the gym, and running helps!

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    A friend of mine said that she actually lost a few pounds in the days leading up to her wedding because she was so busy!!
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    I stayed the same but I didn't try to lose much prior to the wedding either.
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    I stayed the same, tomorrow is 2 weeks until big day. If anything, I haven't eaten enough. But last week, I missed 1 gym day and this week I missed 2 gym days (usually go 3 times a week). So things do change up the closer it gets. Just don't get sick from lack of food or sleep!! THAT is something that has been hard, not being able to sleep.
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    Lost some weight the week before the wedding bc of all the running. Shortly after we got engaged, I started going to the gym regularly, so that helped a lot.
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