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Registering for Photography Items (Not wedding photographer)

Hello All.

I am recently engaged. FI and I are travel nurses so we move every 3-6 months and have everything we need (it fits nicely into our car) so we don't need much. Our mom's have been asking about our registry. They think we will be a difficult couple to buy for (which, I agree, is true). We have decided to ask for a few traditional items to replace some we have that are getting worn, but would like to add more non-traditional items.

We spend a lot of time hiking in national parks and each have a nice DSLR camera body (Nikon J1/J2) that we are learning to use and growing with. We are at a point where a few essentials would go a long way in improving our picture quality. We are thinking of adding a photo editing software (Lightroom), tripods, specialty filters, a new camera bag/backpack as we are outgrowing ours. This doesn't add many more items to our list though. For photographers, what additional items would you list - thinking down the road a little, what other items may we "grow into" as photographers.

Thank you.

Re: Registering for Photography Items (Not wedding photographer)

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    Anything you would grow into is probably to much to register for. Dont register, when people ask where you are registered, tell them you are saying up for some new camera equipment.

    Fwiw, those cameras are not DSLRs. They are digital cameras with interchangeable lens. They do not have a single lens reflex.

    Make sure you know what Lightroom is before you buy it. It is not a true editing software. With those cameras I think you would be wasting your money. You might be thinking of Photoshop instead.

    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • Ditto photokitty.  DH isn't a photographer but he's had a Nikon D60 for about 5 years now.   He has a carrying case, strap, remote control, tripod and 2 additional lenses in addition to the one that came with it.

    I'm thinking that if you're looking to upgrade your camera items then you may want to go somewhere to play around with DSLRs and figure out which one works best for you.
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