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What time?

What time is your ceremony?  Your reception?  

We're figuring that one out.

Re: What time?

  • Ceremony at 5:00pm
    Cocktail hour following at 5:30pm
    Reception starting at 6:30pm 
    Goes 'til 11:00pm

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  • Ugh, we're trying to figure out timeline as well. It is most likely looking like:

    Ceremony: 3:30PM
    Cocktails: 4:00PM
    Reception begins/Grand Entrance: 5:30
    Scheduled to end at 11:00PM, but we have the option to go until midnight if the guests are still having a great time.
    There is bar attached to the building our reception is in, so if we are still in a partying mood, the after party can move there, but we will not be hosting that.

    Our ceremony and reception are in the same place, so we don't need to allot time for travel. We may move the ceremony to 4:00PM, but I'm pretty sure we're going to do a receiving line and I want to make sure I have enough time for pictures.

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    I don't think we're doing a cocktail hour. Our ceremony and reception are in the same place, we'll have a smaller guest list with our DW, and I hate, hate, hate gaps. I'd rather go straight into the party. We might do some appetizers as guests come in, but not a designated hour for it. 

    First look: Maybe 4pm or so; I want to get all of the pictures done before our ceremony with time to "freshen up" a bit before it
    Music begins: 6:00pm
    Ceremony: 6:30pm
    Reception: 7:00pm
    End: 11:00pm

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  • We've got a dilemma with this as well! The church we are getting married in will not let us schedule any later than 2 and with a cocktail hour starting at 4 or so that leaves the bridal party (and especially the guests!) with a lot of middle time. Luckily we're getting married in my hometown which is a little bit of a tourist trap so hopefully I can come up with some fun ideas and suggestions to help out-of-towners fill the time. 
    So I'm looking at:
    2:00- Ceremony
    3:00ish- Photos/ Guests in Limbo (:/)
    4:00- Cocktail Hour
    5:00- Dinner
    6:00ish- Dance
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    @simplycourt05 my friend is getting married in a few weeks, and she is designing a photo scavenger hunt for guests to do in the time that they're waiting. They'll post the pics to Instagram with their hashtag. I thought that idea was so fun, and I thought I'd pass it along if you have some different landmarks that guests could visit. I would totally do things like, "Pretend you're eating a slice of pizza at the local pizzeria" instead of posed haha

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    Our ceremony starts at 7:00pm and our reception will begin at 8:00pm and go until 11:00pm. We are doing a first look and knocking out most of the pictures ahead of time. We're doing it this way because FI is catholic and we can't start a ceremony on a Saturday any later than 2:00pm. We don't want to have an afternoon reception and we will not make our guest suffer a gap to do so. To avoid this we're getting married on a Friday evening instead.

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  •  Ceremony is at 9:30 am

    Reception at 11 am

    Early morning brunch wedding!

  • Ceremony at 4pm
    Cocktail hour by 4:30...maybe sooner depending on how long the ceremony takes (trying to keep it short but sweet)
    Reception/Dinner at 5:30
    Done by 10pm (county ordinance limits outdoor music cut off time)

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