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What is the average cost for a DJ? I found one company for $1,250 but had a really good recommendation for a guy but he costs $2,300!! He does include uplighting but that seems really high!

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    I don't know about average cost but $1250 sounds pretty good.  My fiance had a good thought of asking our photographer for recommendations on DJ.  You don't want to pay way more than you have to but you also don't want to have crappy music/set up.
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    I think $1200 is too expensive.  I know an amazing DJ.  Check out DJ Dizzy on facebook.  I can absolutely guarantee that he is under the $1200 mark.  

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    How important is your DJ to you? If it's a top priority I would consider that when balancing cost vs value. The DJ wasn't super important to my sister so she found one for $800 and TBH I was not impressed.
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    Our DJ was $700 for the whole night. 
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