Venue w/Kitchen Open to Caterer - New England

Hi Everyone,

My wedding venue recently fell through for next May 2016. We are now in the market again, and plan on having my friend who is a licensed caterer feed our guests. However she needs space to prep at the venue, and we are having trouble finding venues with kitchens that let caterers use the facility. 

Any suggestions for venues in the New England (greater Boston, up to Portland) area which allow outside caterers, and have a kitchen for use?

Thank you,


Re: Venue w/Kitchen Open to Caterer - New England

  • You would probably have luck with a hall that you can rent.  Knights of Columbus, Elks and so on....many of them have large kitchens that you are permitted to use. Unfortunately, if a venue has food and liquor licenses, they would likely not be able to offer their kitchen.
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