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I'm getting married next weekend and I'm confused as to how the changing of your last name process works. I am changing my last name I understand all the DMV and SSA thing. What I'm confused about is my degree and credentials. I have two degrees from two seperate colleges and a teaching credential all under my maiden name. Do I need to contact these institutions and file a change of name as well?

Re: change name Q

  • I think it comes down to personal preference, but I'm not certain. I just know I've seen degrees on people's walls (dentist's office, professor's, etc) that have maiden names only on them before. I also have a friend who had to get her name changed with her university between her first BA and her second because she divorced and re-married, but I don't recall if she had her first degree reprinted.
  • My degree has my maiden name on it.  That's the name I had when I received the degree, so that's the name that should be on the degree.

    I'd assume you would need to get your teaching credential changed though.
  • It's fine, your marriage license links your old last name to your new one if anyone has questions.
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