nightmare! we just lost our reception venue! 50 days out to our wedding :(

well the most nightmarish thing has happened.....the restaurant we had booked for our wedding reception of 50+ people has closed and it is 50 days out from our wedding date.  

anyone have any ideas for reception venues that aren't going to cost over $10,000?????? 


a very very very very stressed out and sad bride

Re: nightmare! we just lost our reception venue! 50 days out to our wedding :(

  • Where are you getting married (which island)?  Do you have anyone helping you coordinate it?
  • Ok, I just looked back and saw you are getting married on Maui.  Do you just need a reception venue or ceremony and reception venue?  If it's just reception, where are you having the ceremony?  Are you looking for a restaurant or private function centre?  
    Sorry for all of the questions, I am just trying to get an idea of where on Maui you will be and what you are looking for.

    On another note, what resturant were you booked at?
  • thanks Kimberly!  I think we have secured Mulligans on the blue...just waiting for final confirmation.
    7 hour turn around....who needs a year plus to plan a wedding.  lol

    we were booked at Saltimbocca but the landlords are being dicks and are forcing people out.  so awful for everyone involved.  

    thank you so much for your care....I really appreciate it!

  • I hope you've got some good news and have it sorted.  I can't imagine how stressful that is!  I have heard good things about Mulligans, so hopefully it works out perfectly.  Good luck!
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