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Hi everyone!
I'll be getting married in Snellville, GA, about 30 miles outside Atlanta.  Several of my guests will be traveling to the wedding by air and will need transportation from the airport to the hotel.  I'm running into a roadblock because hotels 30 miles outside Atlanta don't offer any shuttle service to or from the airport.  The one quote I did receive was a hotel that could arrange a shuttle for $90/pp one way!  That's going to run me way over budget!  

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this problem?



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    There are quite a few shuttle companies in the area that are independent of local hotels and offer a pretty decent price. I'd go to the Atlanta airport website as a start - . Check out their ground transport page for some ideas as a start. Why can't your guests rent a car? I think it's VERY nice of you to try and arrange something...but my experience with OOT weddings is it's my responsibility to figure out my own transportation to and from the wedding location. My H and I going to a wedding in NY later this month. We've got a car rented already and I didn't even consider that the bride and groom would take on that responsibility.

  • I am thinking about renting a bus and having one of my family members that is licensed to drive buses shuttle people from the airport. More realistically, I will have all of the groomsman pick people up from the airport. There are 7 groomsman and more friends if necessary and 50 people flying in over 2 different days so we can make that work. I am making my guests request assistance with transportation if we go that route.
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