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Hello new brides!! Just wondering if any of you can share with us future brides a list of all of your little details that made your wedding special.  I love looking on your websites for the cute little signs, favors, etc. and would to have a list of these details so that I can incorporate some of them into my wedding.

Thanks a bunch!  Smile

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    Some little details that I included in my wedding.  Pictures of all of these are in my bio.

    - Used birds on our wedding invitations and included them in some parts of our actual wedding, but nothing over the top.  Used a birdcage card box and had two little bird figurines sitting on our sweetheart table.

    - Made a chalkboard sign pointing people towards the ceremony.  I also used a chalkboard sign as our menu and on the drink dispensers.

    - Made chocolates for our favors.

    - Used our college fight song as the entrance song.

    - Had Mr and Mrs signature drinks

    I'm sure there's others that I'm not thinking about right now.
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    Lots of little things.....

    -We hand made all the invitations and everyone mentioned how much they enjoyed have something we made, not something we bought.  We also put each individual person'sname on the RSVP card.  It wasn't as much work as you would think if you use mail merge.  Everyone mentioned that it made them feel special to have their actual name on their invitation.

    -We had a friend be the officiant (he became ordained in college).  It was great to have someone we knew marry us. 

    -We had the officiant mention something about "you aren't losing a daughter, you are gaining a son" and vise versa then DH and I handed each mother a single rose to represent us entering into the family.  They were both touched.

    -It was my grandparent's 50 wedding aniversery the same day we got married.  During the toasts I called them up and mentioned what role models they have been and we presented them with a cake of their own and let them cut it like it was on their wedding day.  I've never seen my grandpa cry before, but he did during that moment!  Very touching!

    -We put the menu in the program, that way we didn't have to have ANOTHER thing cluttering up the tables.

    -To get everyone on the dance floor we played a game called "snowball."  It worked perfectly!

    Hope this helps!
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    We made a table with a photo of us, and a photo from each of our parents' weddings; our parents were flattered and it gave the guests that didn't know the in-laws something to chat about. We also had a homemade scrapbook that chronicled our relationship and important events (trips, birthdays, engagement, etc). It was great because all night people were looking through it and talking to us about all the things we had done. It was a big hit.

    We also used wish cards instead of a guest book. I just printed words like "courage" "journey" "cherish" on cards and left a note for people to write their thoughts and wishes for us. They folded them up and put them in vases. Not only was it pretty and creative, but we also got lots of sweet, sweet notes that we can read later on. We tried to read some of them, but they just made us cry so we decided that it would be better to wait until an anniversary. Haha.

    Honestly, the best part of the whole thing was being surrounded by the people I love. Walking into a room filled with people cheering for us and celebrating with us was truly amazing.

    Don't get too caught up on details, just remember to invite the people that you care about and have a great time celebrating with them. Good luck with the planning! :D
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