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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

well..it's all over.

So today we've been married for one week! And just got back from our amazing honeymoon yesterday! I just can't help but feel like I didn't feel pretty enough for our wedding. I don't know why I feel this way, I know I've always been very critical of myself but I couldn't even seem to let that go for this one very special day. I feel as though I may have kind of ruined that feeling for myself. I feel silly even writing this post, but I just had to get it out of my head!

Re: well..it's all over.

  • Aww...I'm sure you looked beautiful--you look gorgeous in the pics you have posted under your profile! Where did you go on your honeymoon? 
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  • I cried until about 1pm on my wedding day, because I didn't feel ready. I was ready to be married, but I didn't feel ready for it to be my wedding day, if that makes sense! However, when I looked at all of the photos later, I saw how beautiful everything was, and I was really happy. I'm sure you looked absolutely gorgeous!
  • I am sure you looked beautiful. When the pics and/or video come in you will see for yourselfWink
  • I kind of felt the same way. That's really funny. Well, not haha funny. I probably never would have voiced that thought if you had not posted this. 

    Everyone kept telling me that I was pretty, but I didn't feel it. lol I just kept telling myself that wasn't what was important. And then when H saw me and went on and on, I decided that maybe it was just me. 

    I tend to do the same thing that you described. I still don't see it, but I had an amazing time and my H thought I was beautiful. That's enough for me. 

    If you're like me, give it time and then look back at your pictures. You'll probably think "I didn't look as bad as I thought." :-)

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