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South Carolina-Charleston

The cost of our wedding is mounting and I don't know what to do, advice welcome!!

So, basically our entire wedding is falling apart.  Catering budgets are a lot higher than expected, haven't had anyone give me a number under 6,000.  My venue claimed to allow whoever you wanted except the one place we picked.  I am having trouble getting quotes for linens, tables, chairs, DJ, flowers, etc.  I am beyond frustrated and seriously considering getting married in a courthouse and losing the deposit on our venue.  What is an average price for wedding costs in the area?  

Re: The cost of our wedding is mounting and I don't know what to do, advice welcome!!

  • Hi Knottie!  I'm sorry to hear your wedding plans aren't going well!  I'm a wedding coordinator in the area and would love to give you some advice at no charge!  Please see my website at www.sweetgrassbridal.net .  Have you looked at Charleston County Parks for wedding venues?  They're affordable and flexible.  I would check the catering company at Marina Variety Store.  
  • @Knottie1427220501

    I live in Charleston, but am getting married elsewhere primarily because of the cost to get married in Charleston. I'm not sure of the average cost for a wedding in this area, because I've heard a lot of variance. A friend of mine did a ceremony/BBQ reception in a public park (but on the beach) for $6K. I have other friends doing similar things: backyard (but gorgeous water front home) with casual reception/average buffet for $6-8K. Then, on the other hand, another friend did the whole 9 yards and told me some planners wouldn't even talk to her since her budget was under $100K. I'm not sure what her final budget was.

    Per research on my own end, some venues are awesome. Two friends here said they're venue (both hotels) were all inclusive: drinks, dinner, mic services, dishes, linens, tables/chairs for $10-$13K. So all that had to cover was attire, photographer, DJ, etc...which could still bump you into the $20K + range.

    Above all-- I guess I'd say an average cost $30K+
    Yes, I've heard and seen $5-10K Charleston weddings, but a lot is DIY and creative planning. Hope some of that may help!
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