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How did you sell your dress?

I know many people keep thier wedding dresses but I had 2 dresses so I want to sell one. I wanted to get the advice from those that sold thier dress... how did you do it? resale shop, ebay, wedding dress resale website, ect... and how was your experience?

I've been looking at some websites but i feel a bit leary about it and wanted to see what others experiences were. Thanks for your help ;)

Re: How did you sell your dress?

  • I sold one on Craigslist. 

    I had 2 dresses, but only wore one- both were from sample sales, so I didn't feel bad and I was able to sell the dress I didn't wear for the same amount I paid for it.

    I liked that with CL it was a local cash transaction.
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  • I also had two. One for the ceremony and one for the reception which I ended up not changing into. I sold it on ebay almost immediately. I got it as a sample so it was way below :sticker price."
  • were you guys selling it way below the orinal price or like half price? I paid $1600 for the dress and i wanted to sell it for around $700-800. Is that too much? I'm selling the one I got married in b/c it was the 2nd dress that i bought so I only wore it for a couple hours and its already dry cleaned.
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