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Help Please!!!! Royalton Mansion vs Larkfield Manor?

My fiancé and I are having a really difficult time deciding between the Larkfield Manor or Royalton Manison. The Royalton Mansion was the very first venue I went to go see and fell in love with. I know the food and service will be top notch. My only dilemma  I am concerned about is the amount of people that I am anticipating, which is approximately 220 people will be too cramped. I want to make sure my guests will have enough room to mingle and dance.

The Larkfield Manor on the other hand has a totally different look than the Royalton Mansion, It has more of a Tuscan look and is also very beautiful. Space is not an issue here at all, however I am not sure what the food is like and coming from an Italian family that is a very important component.

If anyone has been to a wedding at any of these venues please give me your opinion as to whether my guests will be cramped at the Royalton and if I decide to go with the Larkfield if food is good. Thank you very much !

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