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Shy bride

My wedding is in 62 days, and as the date gets closer, I can feel the nerves settling in. Not because I'm scared to spend the rest of my life with my FI (we're high school sweethearts, and now were 28) I'm nervous about being the center of attention...for a whole day! The thought of walking down the isle, and standing there in front of everyone makes me anxious, the thought of having a first dance with everyone looking at us makes me anxious. My mom and sister think I'm "over reacting" or "being dramatic" but I can't help it! I've always been shy, and a little awkward. Am I the only one who feels this way? Help!

Re: Shy bride

  • I'm a very shy person too, I always feel awkward at parties when I don't know many people and feel like I never can say the right things when meeting people. Yet when I'm with my best friends or family I'm super relaxed and talkative and really have fun. For those reasons we chose to keep our wedding pretty small 40-50 people. 

    Are you having a really large wedding or a small one? 

    If it's a small wedding then just try to remember that these are your nearest and dearest. They are there because they love you and your fiance and are excited to celebrate with you. That might take a little stress off.

    If it's a larger wedding then still try not to sweat it. I'd focus on what you're there for, marrying your FI. You don't have to look around as you're walking down the aisle because seeing a lot of people watching you could make you nervous, instead focus on your fiance. During the ceremony look at your FI and officiant. Same goes for dances but if you want you can totally skip the dances, they aren't a requirement. 

    Also I don't know if you drink or not but when I'm really nervous a shot or 2 or a glass of wine really help calm me down. I'm not saying to get smashed before your wedding but just a little something to take the edge off.

    Good luck!!
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