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DJ Suggestions

We're looking for a super low-key DJ. Basically someone who will shut up and play the hits. Any suggestions?

Re: DJ Suggestions

  • We used DJay Sound & Light ... Granted, their contract was confusing, but they have quite a few DJ's to choose from that go from the "we just want someone to play some music" to the overly-involved techy-type stuff..  Tom is who we used and he was fantastic and is still in the business - wonderful and gracious man!!!  We told him "We want to have a conversation ANYWHERE in the room without having to shout" as our main request and no problem following that the entire evening!
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  • We are using Neon Express. They give you a planner sheet to say what music you like and other notes, so I assume you could write you don't want them to be obnoxious on there. Plus the price was awesome
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