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Any spinners and/or bikers?

I've been making it to more spin classes this summer, and yesterday I finally brought my bike into the shop, hoping to get it back by the end of the week with new clip-in pedals. I'm psyched to get outside

Re: Any spinners and/or bikers?

  • I started commuting to work a few months ago and I honestly think it's what has made a hugh difference in my weight loss progress. I'm still doing weights and cardio, but the extra miles on the bike each day help.
  • I'm currently biking to the train to take into school, but I wouldn't consider myself a biker.  But why though, do I always seem to get head wind both on the way there and back??  I just want an easy ride for once!!  

  • Cyclist here. I bike 16 miles a day 4 days a week (8 miles to work, 8 miles back) and 60-75 miles on the weekend. I also do weights for my abs and arms. 

    I found with cycling, at the start of the season, I dont lose a pound, usually for 1-2 months as my muscle builds back up. Then I suddenly start losing weight and can't stop. I'm now at the "cant stop losing weight" point, which is bad since my wedding dress has already been mostly fitted to me! I'm on a non-stop cheeseburger and ice cream diet until my wedding. 

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