Local bridal show on July 15th

Does anyone know anything about the bridal show at Landerhaven? I got a post card about it in the mail but I don't know if I should go. Has anyone else been to one of the Todays Bride shows? If so, are they good and worth it? It's from 5-9 at Landerhaven this Wednesday, the 15th. 

Re: Local bridal show on July 15th

  • I was going to go to that one but it doesn't work with my work schedule. I have been to a few of their shows at the IX Center and one in Akron. They are fun but can be kind of overwhelming with people coming at you to use their services. You will get a lot of goodies & samples if you go. I never found anyone there that I booked with, but that doesn't mean you won't! They also have a pop up bridal shop that you can try on dresses & get them at a pretty decent price.
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