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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

How do I tell Photographer you want a new one?

Wrote this out already but I think I put it in the wrong catogory so here it is again!! :)

Last month me and my fiance went and got our engagement pictures done.. we paid 300 dollars to get these done and they turned out completely awful.. I had a double chin in every picture and I don't even have a double chin. So this made me freak out because I do not want my wedding pictures to turn out this way. This surprised me because my brother had used him for his wedding and the pictures were all beautiful and I have seen his other work and it was fine...
I already paid a 500 dollar deposit to this photographer and I am now 7 months away from my wedding and want to change photographers. How do I tell this photographer I do not want him to do my wedding now? or should I just suck it up and hope that he can deliver good pictures?
I don't want to sound rude or superficial, but I really do not want to waste my money and have bad wedding pictures.
I need help how to tell this guy I no longer want him.
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