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David's Bridal $99 BRIDESMAID dress sale

Does anyone know when the David's Bridal $99 bridesmaid dress sale is? I know the wedding dress sale is right now but I'm curious when it is for the bridesmaid dresses?
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Re: David's Bridal $99 BRIDESMAID dress sale

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    David's Bridal has sales all the time on wedding dresses, but the bridesmaid dresses are a gotcha.  Some of them will be on sale occasionally, but if you want a certain color, or a certain style, don't count on their sales.
    David's Bridal operates differently from other bridal shops.  They are a large franchise chain, and their dresses are all made for them in their Chinese factories.  No one else sells them.  They are made up in advance, and they have warehouses full of dresses ready to ship out.  Other bridal shops do not have this system.  In those shops, your dress is not made up until you order it.  Then the order is sent to the designer's company, who orders it for you to be made in their factories, usually also in China.  This is why David's Bridal can deliver dresses much more quickly than most bridal shops.  They deal in volume, so their styles are discontinued more quickly than other designers.  I read somewhere that 1/3 of USA brides get their gowns at DB.
    Check out DB's online clearance and sale site.
  • I saw a commercial saying they were doing the $99 sale through 7/28 and I'm pretty sure (but don't quote me) that they were doing 20% off select BM gowns at the same time.
  • I believe that the bridesmaids get a discount if you buy your gown from David's.
  • I used to work for David's Bridal and keep in mind that just because it says $99 doesn't mean $99.  All of the old clearance dresses are $99 and you take what is there, no ordering a new one.  Rest of the dresses might be somewhat on sale but still we were told to push off the rack because thats what the premise is of David's Bridal.  If you get your wedding gown there all of your bridesmaids and moms get $20 off their dresses.
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