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  • I'm in business to business sales so everyone who sells anything tries to recruit me on their team.  My old HS coach friended me on FB just to recruit me LOL.
  • I know what you all mean. I had someone friend me that I didn't think was that interested in me since we only knew each other for a year in college, and that was about 2 years ago. She actually messaged me and carried on this whole conversation and I was just waiting for a sales pitch, but there wasn't one. She just really wanted to be my facebook friend and is genuinely that nice. Damn these other people ruining it for the good ones....
    I have a friend that sells Mary Kay and thankfully hasn't asked me a thing about it, an old coworker that also sold younique and some bag thing that would invite me to EVERYTHING so I'd get something about once a month- unfriended her a while back. My cousin is on one of those diet/shake/meal things and she lost a bunch of weight the first time and then gained it back plus more before she went on it again. Sorry, I love you, but no.
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