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Bilingual Officiant

Anyone have suggestions to a non-religious officiant that could do a ceremony in Spanish and English (my family only knows English - my fiance's only knows Spanish so we want to do a mixed language ceremony)

Re: Bilingual Officiant

  • I'm in a similar situation - many of my fiance's family only speak Spanish and my family only speaks English.

    I don't know about any specific officiants in Texas but I've come across a lot of general advice in my search for a bilingual (or just English speaking) officiant for my wedding in Colombia. Some suggestions I've seen on other sites/message boards:
    1) Hire an interpreter if you have trouble finding a bilingual officiant. Most people who had a bi- (or even tri-) lingual ceremony said they preferred not to interpret the entire ceremony (too long/repetitive).
    2) Ask a Spanish speaking guest(s) to do a reading (or multiple) in Spanish.
    3) Consider printing a translation of readings and/or vows in the language not spoken.
    4) Incorporate Spanish music, if your music is recorded or you can find a Spanish singer. My dad has suggested having our guests since in Spanish - no idea if that would actually work. 
    4) Consider repeating your vows in Spanish or doing them part in Spanish and part in English. You can do this even if you don't speak Spanish - with enough work in advance - though consider carefully how your new language skills might fare when you are nervous on your big day. I'm doing this even though it makes me nervous because I figure his family will appreciate the gesture, even if I mess up. (Also because I've lived in Colombia several months per year for the past three years many of his friends and family think I should speak better Spanish than I do.)

    Hope this helps. Buena suerte!
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