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food truck catering ---- what to drink out of??

minksterweddingminksterwedding JACKSONVILLE, FL member
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So we're having a taco food truck cater our wedding because we want a relaxed vibe, the wedding is all outdoors, and we loooooove tacos. 
My question is; what kind of cups/glasses would make sense here??
I want to rent glasses to keep it somewhat formal and classy but my mom said plastic cups would make more sense with such a casual option.
Any food truckie brides out there? What did you do?
Any suggestions anyone? 

Re: food truck catering ---- what to drink out of??

  • I'm with your mom. Since it's an outdoor event, there is a good chance women will be in sandles or some people may even end up barefoot (especially any kids). If you have glasses you have to worry about what if one breaks, glass is harder to clean up outdoors because it's harder to see. Also who is going to wash them before returning them? Or the infamous, I put my drink down but I don't remember so I'll just get a new one, or I don't want beer anymore, I'll get a fresh glass for my pop and then you have people going through 2-3 or more glasses each. I agree with mom that throw away cups are the easier way to go. There are great options these days for throw away cups. I've even seen coffee cups that look like regular cups and you really have to inspect it to determine it's plastic. I'm sure you can find some higher end looking throw away cups so you can dress it up some, but still have the convience of throw away.
  • Here is a link to a company that has different types of clear plastic cups you can throw away, just to give you some ideas



  • minksterweddingminksterwedding JACKSONVILLE, FL member
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    @erikan73 i appreciate all that, thanks! looking at the site now.
  • Well, i think plastic cups don't say "wedding" but college party! If you want to keep an easy atmosphere why not serving beers? in bottle or mugs they are perfect with tacos.
    Because formal glasses like champagne one are not really into your wedding food theme but neither plastic stuff is...let's find a compromise :)

    These are some options you can consider

  • I think your Mom has a valid point on a lot of levels.  The rentals are going to add up quickly, it's outdoors, you don't want glass breakage (btw - you never mentioned your backup in case of rain/extreme weather?), etc.  While I agree that plastic isn't as formal, the reality is that it's far more cost effective as an option than glass could ever be.  You can also purchase "green" disposable cups as there are companies out there that make them, but really, it's a food truck wedding, not a four-course meal!  I'd opt for a trip to Sam's...
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  • We had soda/water/beer in bottles or cans - so no glasses needed there.  Then we had just plain clear plastic glasses for wine and margaritas.   It worked really well and everyone who wanted a glass with ice for something could have it and we didn't have to wash a million glasses at the end of the night :)  Just make sure you have a couple big trash cans or recycling bins (we put these near the bar). 

  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI member
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    There are lots of high quality disposal options that will work! Just ask whomever is providing your bar or your caterer?
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