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Engaged on July 4!

Hi everyone! I got engaged on July 4 and am so excited!!!! FI and I are planning a wedding for January 16, 2016 in Boston. 

Here is our proposal story, for anyone who is like me and enjoys reading proposal stories:

I had been suspicious for months that FI would propose on the 4th of July, because it was a very special day for us. I had seen "signs" the week before, but I also know that you can see signs anywhere if you look hard enough. He actually told me twice that week it wouldn't happen for a few weeks and he hoped I wasn't expecting a proposal this weekend. By Thursday I was actually convinced it wasn't happening. 

Friday I found a big blue memory box in our apartment, but somehow I showed superhuman restraint and did not snoop. Plus, I knew a proposal was coming soon so this box didn't really mean anything in terms of when it might happen. 

However, Saturday morning weird things started to happen that made me more and more convinced that something was happening. BF would step outside to make phone calls, his phone was blowing up all day, he kept cleaning and picking up around the apartment, and he kept asking me exactly what time I wanted to head out for the night. He is not one to make plans AT ALL so this tipped me off that something might be in the works.

So we headed out down to Fenway around 7pm. He was on his phone texting a lot and seemed really distracted. I even commented that it felt like he was ignoring me. Luckily I gave him a break because I figured something might be going on. Then, as we were sitting at one of the bars, I noticed something in his pocket in the shape of a ring box. So then I was even more understanding of his weirdness. ;) At that point I made sure to enjoy each and every second of the night and be as present as possible so I could remember all the small details. 

Finally around 10:30 we went to watch the fireworks. He was standing behind me but was super fidgety and looking around all the time. He stepped away at one point to ask someone to take a picture of us, but that person disappeared. He started cursing to himself "where the fuck did she go?" and was generally agitated. I acted oblivious because I didn't want to add to his stress. Then he asked another person to take a picture of us. She took two great pictures but he asked her to take another. Then he got down on his knee. I started crying, and then he started crying. I guess I sort of stepped back because he grabbed me and held on to me for dear life. He kind of just blurted out "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WILL YOU MARRY ME?" all at once. I said yes, he put the ring on (these memories are foggy) and I spent the next 10 minutes crying, hugging, and saying "IS THIS A JOKE? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? IS THIS FOR REAL?". Then we called my parents and his parents and a bunch of friends. 

When we got home a couple hours later, I walked in to see rose petals everywhere. He had had some friends come in while we were out (hence all the texting while we were out) and decorate our apartment. There was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (he specifically asked for blue roses because I would be wearing a blue dress) and the memory box was sitting on our bed. Inside was a bottle of champagne, a candle, a picture frame, 2 Alex and Ani bracelets symbolizing eternity and unity, and the MOST beautiful card ever. We cried some more and just kept calling each other fiance over and over. 

The next morning I found out he arranged for us to have brunch with my parents and dinner with all our friends. It was PERFECT!!!

Here are some pics from the proposal and the ring. 

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    Congrats and happy planning!
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  • I also got engaged on July 4th! It was amazing :) We are planning a destination wedding Spring 2017
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